Free P2P: Is it possible to exchange money on PayPal without paying commissions

PayPal activates the function that allows you to exchange money on PayPal without paying commissions. Finally, it is possible to exchange money between individuals without necessarily paying the usual commissions.

Free P2P: It is possible to exchange money on PayPal without paying commissions

Without being hit, PayPal has introduced very important news that allows you to exchange money between private PayPal accounts without paying commissions. The Free P2P function, Free People to People, has been active for a short time, and therefore it will be possible to exchange money between friends and family for free between Paypal accounts or from one current account to another, a much better function than in the past.

In fact, previously a small commission was applied if the charge was made on an ATM or prepaid card, but from now on it will be totally free, as already happens on modern payment systems like Google Pay and Apple Pay abroad.

The American company therefore adapts and modernizes itself, conforming to the competition, and even micropayments or even large sums between friends and relatives can be exchanged around the world without incurring additional expenses.

Now all that remains is the integration with all the new payment systems worldwide and that everything becomes smarter, faster and cheaper, and the game is made for PayPal, which already has a penetration in the high market especially in the ecommerce world.

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