iOS 13: Here is everything we know about new iOS from the biggest leak ever

Apple is expected to unveil iOS 13. It is the next major release for the iPhone and iPad operating system. It should be presented to the world in the WDC which starts on June 3rd. In this regard, some development-related sources shared various information.

iOS 13: Dark and multi-tasking mode

Firstly, the long-awaited Dark Mode is finally coming to the iPhone and iPad with iOS 13. There will be a System-wide Dark Mode that can be activated in Settings, including a high-contrast version, similar to what is already available in the macOS.

Since we’re talking about macOS, the iPad apps running on the Mac through Marzipan will finally make the most of the dark mode on both systems. There are many changes to the iPad with iOS 13, including the ability for applications to have multiple windows. Each window may also contain sheets that are initially attached to a portion of the screen but can be separated by a drag gesture. This is similar to an open source project called “panelist”.

The cards can also be stacked on top of each other. Subsequently, a depth effect is used to indicate which ones are at the top and which are at the bottom.

iOS 13: g to cancel, enhancements to Safari and font management

Another thing that some iOS users complained about was the lack of a more effective undo system.

In iOS 13, Apple will implement a new gesture to void the level of text input on the iPad. The gesture starts with a three-finger tap on the keyboard area. Swipe left and right allows the user to undo and redo actions interactively.

However, a tutorial will appear the first time the keyboard is opened to teach users how to use the new feature. It is possible that programmers can adopt this gesture through customs controls through an API.

However, there are also changes in Safari. The version that comes with iOS 13 for the iPad will automatically request a desktop version of the sites when needed. This avoids a problem that sometimes occurs where sites show a version of the iPhone hanging around on a widescreen iPad.

Another novelty concerns the management of sources. You no longer need to install a profile to insert new fonts into the system. Instead, they will have a new font management panel in Settings.

A smarter email application

The Mail application will be smarter than ever. Now with the new version, it will be possible to automatically organize messages in categories like marketing, shopping, travel, “not important” and more. Users can also add messages to a “read back” section similar to third-party email apps.

Other Features 

Other features for iOS 13 include a redesigned Reminder application, which will also come to the Mac. Improved Siri, more advanced print controls, and more.

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