iOS 13 is preparing for revolution by adding for USB mouse Support!

At Apple’s annual developer conference, the manufacturer will introduce iOS 13. The new version of the mobile operating system this year is expected to bring a number of improvements to the way it is used and especially the interaction. One of the main ones may be the USB mouse support for the iPad.

iOS 13 can make iPads into much more versatile machines

The Apple iPad has always been very successful, much because of the hardware. However, the entire line of tablets of the newly renovated Mini iPad and also the iPad Air and Pro is somewhat limited by iOS. This despite being an excellent operating system for multimedia, navigation, games and even 4K video editing. However, the lack of robust file management and support for multiple windows, among other small imperfections, prevent them from being seen as substitutes for laptops.

In this field, some things should change in iOS 13 …

Rumors of support for USB mice in iOS 13 are already circulating on the Internet. This tablet already supports keyboards and even stylus. However, in the case of mice, there was still nothing new.

In the Podcast Connected, Macstories’ well-known editor Federico Viticci mentions the use of a USB mouse in an iPad Pro.”What I hear there are no adapters. We will be able to use any USB mouse on the iPad. The iPad Pro has a USB-C port, so just plug in a mouse. ”

This raises two questions!

One is whether USB mouse support will be exclusive to the USB-C ports of the iPad Pro, thus leaving out the Mini and Air models. The second is whether or not there will be restrictions on using the mouse.

Meanwhile, this rumor about the mouse has grown even stronger when well-known programmer Steve Troughton-Smith said on Twitter that this feature is “under construction” and that users of the Pro version may be the first to receive it.

Although there is no very specific timetable for the availability of USB mouse support, it is likely that this feature will be released with iOS 13. We now have to wait for the beginning of June and more specifically for WWDC’19.

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