Download and install new CrossFire game: Last 12 Hours for Android

New CrossFire game: Last 12 Hours for Android is now available. Download, install and try out the new CrossFire: Last 12 Hours Android game for free


CrossFire: Last 12 Hours for Android

Great news for all lovers of video games on smartphones and Android tablets.

In fact, for a few hours, the brand new CrossFire game: Last 12 Hours is available for all Android devices.

In this article we will see together:

  • What is CrossFire: Last 12 Hours
  • a video of CrossFire: Last 12 Hours
  • how to download and install CrossFire: Last 12 Hours on your Android device

So now let’s not waste time in chatter and continue with guide.

What is CrossFire: Last 12 Hours?

If you still do not know CrossFire: Last 12 Hours, I can tell you that it is a “survival shooter” that incorporates the style of CS: GO, OverWatch, PUBG, Warfare and many more.

Also known as CrossFire Legend 2, the game incorporates many of the elements of the first chapter, such as Fox agents, Blade and much more. Even the weapons will be very similar to those of the first chapter, although this time some will be for VIP users only.

In any case, like any other game of this kind, CrossFire: Last 12 Hours will be set on an island where about 60 people will be virtually catapulted and will have to clash to the team until leaving only one person alive. During the short existence on the island, the player will have to look for weapons and ammunition, move, explore the territory and obviously take out the enemies he will encounter along his way.

As you can guess, CrossFire: Last 12 Hours is very similar to games like PUBG for graphics and features offered. The characters change a little, but little else in substance.

Also here, among other things, we will have the opportunity to exploit a “monster” mode where our enemies will be, not even to say, zombies attracted by the scent of our meat that will do everything to put us on the carpet. The goal in this case will not only be to survive, but also to try to limit the spread of the virus that turns people into zombies. In this particular mode all players will be able to ally (it will be practically essential to survive) to fight more effectively the epidemic that multiplies the zombies.

In short, CrossFire: Last 12 Hours seems to be a really interesting and fun game, at least on paper.

But now enough with the chatter, let’s see how to download, install and try the game now!


First, though, a short video showing CrossFire: Last 12 Hours in action:

Download APK

Now we are ready to download and install CrossFire: Last 12 Hours on your smartphone or Android tablet.

The game is not on the Play Store, but do not worry, the steps to follow are within reach of all users, even the less experienced.

The procedure to follow is in fact always the same and you can download the game from the following link (it will take you to another site NOT connected with TechKhiladi):


Here it is, in a few clicks you have downloaded the game. But now how do you install on Android?

How to install CrossFire: Last 12 Hours?

Once the download is complete, you will need to download and install CrossFire: Last 12 Hours manually on your Android smartphone or tablet.

If you do not know how to install APK and OBB files by hand, without going through the Play Store, follow our guide:

The guide we have published explains to you how to install the game in a very simple way. And in an instant you will be ready to challenge anyone.


With this article, I would say that we have concluded.

Try CrossFire now: Last 12 Hours and let us know in the comments at the end of the article what do you think of this game for Android.

Have fun!

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