How to access your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s Instagram?

How to access with another Instagram profile? How to steal Instagram profile? Find out how to enter someone else’s Instagram profile, for example your boyfriend or girlfriend

How to access your boyfriend's or girlfriend's Instagram

How to get on my boyfriend’s Instagram

New day, new guide dedicated to the Instagram social network.

Today in particular I want to respond to the many girls and boys who periodically contact me to find out how to login with their boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s Instagram account. 

In fact, there are many girls and boys who visit our site to look for information related to the world of Instagram and who in particular want to spy on their boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s Instagram profile, especially to read the chats and private messages that this exchanges with other friends or with others who could undermine the stability of the relationship.

If you are also curious to find out how to enter your boyfriend’s Instagram, in this article we will clarify about it and see if there are methods for:

  • spy on chats
  • check the photos and videos sent
  • hear the audio sent

and more.

Before proceeding, however, I must tell you one thing: in this article I will try to be as precise and clear as possible.

I don’t want to waste your time, so I’ll tell you exactly how they are, without wasting hours and hours on downloading programs that don’t work, getting you registered on sites full of advertisements that steal your data or more.

In short, unlike the many other fictitious guides you find on the web, here I will explain first IF you can enter your boyfriend’s Instagram and, if so, I will explain HOW to do it.

With that said, let’s start with our guide.

How to get on my boyfriend’s Instagram for free

Although it seems obvious to me to say it, first of all you must know that spying on a person without his permission and consent is ILLEGAL. I therefore advise you not to proceed with operations of this type.

If you do not care about the law and still want to proceed, I tell you right away that there is NO quick and easy way to enter your boyfriend’s Instagram. 

Sure, there are various possibilities to do it, but in all cases the risks of being discovered are HIGH and you must still have access to one of these devices:

  • to your boyfriend’s smartphone
  • to the email that your boyfriend uses on Instagram
  • to your boyfriend’s Facebook account (username and password) or to the email he uses to register with Facebook

If you don’t have access to any of these items, LEAVE it because you can’t do anything. 

If instead you have access to at least one of these elements, continue reading the guide divided by points.

How to check my boyfriend’s Instagram if I have a smartphone

This is the simplest, most comfortable and fastest case.

Just take your smartphone and open the Instagram application. From here you can spy on all chats and private conversations, the profiles with which you interact more often, those to whom you leave comments and those to whom you like. Simple and quick. But I understand that it may not be very easy to have access to your boyfriend’s smartphone without being discovered. Here is the reason why I propose other solutions below.

If you have access to your smartphone, but you DO NOT have access to Instagram (perhaps because your boyfriend does not have automatic access and does not save the password in the application), you can always install a spy program (for a fee) by choosing among the many available on the web. Among the best programs to spy on a phone are:

  • Spyzie (7.50 euros per month)
  • FlexSPY (12 euros per month)
  • mSPY (14 euros per month)
  • Spyera (30 euros per month)

and many others.

After purchasing the spy program of your interest, you will receive instructions from the seller to install it on your boyfriend’s phone and from that moment on you can spy on Instagram, but also all the other programs that your boyfriend uses on your smartphone: Facebook, SMS messages, calls, WhatsApp, internet browser, Messenger, Camera, GPS and much more.

Each program to spy on a phone works differently, so I can’t explain in detail how to proceed. You can still rely on the instructions that the seller will send you to start spying on your boyfriend’s Instagram without being discovered.

As already mentioned, however, in all these cases you will have to physically have your boyfriend’s smartphone in your hands. If you don’t have access to the phone, try evaluating other solutions below.

How to check my boyfriend’s Instagram if I have access to his email

Another way to check your boyfriend’s Instagram can be to log into his account by attempting to do a password recovery.

To proceed, however, you must have access to the email box that he used to create his Instagram account, otherwise you will be blocked.

In this case you must:

  • go to the Instagram website> LINK
  • click on “Forgot your password
  • enter the email that your boyfriend used to register on Instagram
  • press the button “Send access links
  • at this point access your boyfriend’s email, open the email received from Instagram, click on the link that is contained in the email and you will be able to access your boyfriend’s Instagram profile

All rather simple and fast, but you MUST have access to your boyfriend’s email to proceed.

And don’t forget that, if you change the Instagram password to enter and spy on the account, your boyfriend will notice it in a short time, he will go for a password reset and within a few hours you will lose access again.

In short, it is a solution that works, but risky and that does not last forever.

How to check my boyfriend’s Instagram if I have access to his Facebook

This procedure works in the same way as the previous one, but uses the Facebook account to login on Instagram.

Obviously you can proceed ONLY if your boyfriend is registered on Instagram with Facebook data, otherwise you will NOT be able to take advantage of this way.

It seems obvious to me to say it, but to proceed you must know your boyfriend’s Facebook username and password, or in any case you must have access to the email that he used to register on Facebook.

Otherwise you can try to do a password recovery as described above, but you will run the same risks already listed above.


If all these solutions seem long, uncomfortable or complex, the only solution you have left is to turn to a professional in the sector.

It will cost you a lot, but it is the only “simple” way to spy on your boyfriend’s Instagram without being discovered.


With this article on Instagram we have concluded.

I was as sincere, clear and direct as possible to explain to you if you can enter your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s Instagram and if so how to do it. I’m sorry, but as anticipated, reaching your goal is not easy. 

If I have news about it, I will update the guide and add alternative solutions.

In case of doubts or questions, leave a comment at the end of the article and we will help you as soon as possible.

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