How not to look like a dumbass when using IT

Day by day information technology is becoming a part of our life. At the same time, technology is being used in business in almost all cases. The present time is moving much faster than the last few decades only due to the advancement of science and technology. Much of the past era has been replaced by a lot of technology. That is almost everything from writing to communication. Even recreation, health, and learning methods are all much more advanced and accessible now. And that’s why the business sector has created new opportunities to harness this huge potential.

However, with the advancement of technology, doubts about cyber security have also increased. And nowadays the popularity of cloud computing and managed IT services has also grown. According to Lindentech, productivity has also expanded among employees.

However, with the rise of technology, it has connected all kinds of people very closely. And at this age, you have to be careful in using technology. But there are also many types of stupidity in the use of technology. That is in every country of the world who do not know how to use IT properly. Creating their content, using social media, or sharing resources often makes you more dull-witted than other people. So when you are using information technology or when promoting a business through information technology, there is nothing that can be done to present you as a dumbass.

How not to look like a dumbass when using IT

You want to know how to use information technology properly and it will not make you a dumbass. In today’s article, we try to discuss some of those issues.

10 Smart ways (not dumbass) of using IT

If you can’t properly engage with information technology, then you can get into any trouble.

1. Use social media smartly

Social media is one of the first to use when getting involved with information technology. Because without social media, it has become very difficult to walk now. Social media is now a great way to keep in touch with friends, family, and relatives. So you need to be aware of using social media. There was a time when many people said that I was saying this on social media, but in reality, it was not. But now the day has changed. Now like reality everything is done sitting on social media. So you have to deal with social media very carefully to enhance your personality.

2. Share wisely

If you want to share something wherever you are on social media or blog, you have to do a lot of research. Something cannot be presented in front of everyone that does not go with your personality. Many people follow you, so you have to use social media keeping everyone’s words in mind. Be especially careful when sharing something.

3. Improve privacy

As the use of information technology increases, it has become harder to protect your privacy online. Refrain from publicly sharing your confidential or personal data as much as possible. Many people keep everything open in front of everyone, it is better not to do it if it is not necessary. Because it’s hard to say who is monitoring you worldwide. So try to strengthen your security in any way and at the same time you as a conscious internet user help others to create a healthy internet for all.

4. Use Email professionally

Email is used a lot in professional work. We use it for sharing important files, private discussions with others. So, develop your own personality in a professional place.

5. Care about grammar and spelling

Many people are not very aware of grammar or spelling when writing or sending emails on the internet or sharing something on social media. It will make you less important than many others. So pay attention to your grammar and spelling.

6. Use smartphone in a smart way

Many people are not aware of the use of smartphones. By the way, this is my personal phone I will use it any way I want. In fact, it is because everyone now shares publicly so your small mistake can lead others astray. In the same way, you need to be extra careful to increase your security on the phone. This is because of the fact that some personal photos or videos have been leaked from the phone recently.

7. Identifying fake news

Fake news spread on the internet. Now if you do something relying on fake news then a lot of damage can be done. So you need to know how to find out which one is fake and which one is real. Moreover, before sharing any news yourself, you should confirm it from a trusted news channel or person and then share it.

8. Try to grow the child without gadgets

Today’s child will lead this world in the future. So you have to be aware of its proper grow-up. If you want to give your baby a full childhood, you need to keep him away from gadgets. Try not to have gadgets except for a small part of the day. And it has to be maintained until he is 13 to 18 years old. There is nothing to be proud of because kids use smartphones, but kids who stay away from these will lead the future.

9. Learn and teach something new always

In order to survive in the age of competition, you must always learn something new. Then you will be able to adapt to future changes. In the same way, you can teach your acquaintances something new. Then your happiness will increase several times.

10. Stay updated

Changes are happening very fast in the age of technology. If you can’t keep yourself updated, you can’t adapt properly. That’s why gather new updated knowledge and encourage the people around you to do the same.


Hopefully, if you can do the above in the age of information technology, then you can take yourself to another height. Moreover, your internet-dependent life will be more beautiful, intelligent, and chained. In this way, you can make yourself safe and successful in the age of information technology.

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