How to know how much data WhatsApp is cosuming

WhatsApp, as well as other famous apps, use its Beta version to test new features that, when they work well, should be made available to all its users. The latest update, in turn, brought a new look to the program in its version for Android smartphones.

Along with it, a few subtle changes to its tools have also been seen, along with a new feature that lets you know how much WhatsApp has been spending on your carrier’s data plan. Here’s how to find out how much WhatsApp has been responsible for your data consumption.

Getting the Beta version of WhatsApp

As stated above, the new WhatsApp feature is still only available in the application’s trial version. In this way, it is necessary to obtain the latest Beta version of WhatsApp following this guide made by Digital Look.

How to use the new feature

This function of WhatsApp is in the same menu where the files of the program are cleaned, which also has undergone some slight changes with this last update. Check how to access it:

  1. Open WhatsApp normally and touch the icon represented by “three points”;
  2. Touch “Settings” and go to “Data and storage”;
  3. Click “Network Usage” and you’ll see how much WhatsApp has consumed from your data plan.

During the tests done by Digital Look, as might be noted above, the latest version of the application still carried some untranslated items correctly. However, the feature worked correctly, with the main items on the screen being the “Sent” and “Received” data, which correspond respectively to uploaded and downloaded data.

For more control, at the end of the last screen, there is a button called “Restore statistics”, which serves to clear the data and to be able to follow up more regularly with the tool.

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