How Google find, whatever you want to search, in less than a second

Have you ever thought that when you type something on the Google search engine, how does Google easily recognize your mind? Besides, do you know how Google’s search engine works? So today we are going to tell you the answers to these two questions.

How does Google understand your mind?

Whenever we type to search for something, Google suggests words related to them. This makes it easy to search, as well as save our time. Actually Google completes any search result in 0.03 seconds. Google removes words that are incorrect or are not of your work.

Google recently said in a blog post how ‘AutoComplete Prediction’ works. Google had also told it alongside the parameters which remove the words based on which they are not of your work.

Danny Sullivan, adviser to Google search, said that it is important to understand here that when you search, Google estimates you, and suggests you best results. That is, Google guesses what the user wants to search. Understanding it in a simpler language, Google estimates on the basis of how many real-time searches are related to a word on its platform, after which it shows more and trended words as suggestions.

For example, if you type ‘San F’, Google’s algorithm will show you ‘San Francisco’ in the related search. But as soon as you type ‘San Fe’, Google’s algorithm will show you another word.

Google does not tell the prediction of words that contain violence, hate and erotic. Danny Sullivan also said that Google’s ‘AutoComplete Prediction’ device keeps changing. On the PC you will see 10 predictions in the search bar. While 5 appear on mobile.

How Google’s search engine works

Keywords (keywords)

Google’s algorithm looks at which words have been used more for the information. That is, if you type mineral, Google will suggest you Mineral water on the basis of the keyword.


Google’s algorithm decides where to find the correct and complete information related to your keywords. That means if you search by typing Delhi Travel, then Google will tell you about sites related to Delhi tourism, not about Delhi’s politics and traffic. Google checks the density of keywords that have been searched on any of these articles or websites.


Whenever you search any citation on Google, have you ever wondered how Google decides the websites that appear above. Google has its answer ranking Google gives ratings to the keywords, information and research used in any content. This is also the case with websites. That is, the one who is most credible shows Google at top.


Google’s search engine works on the fact that users get exact results. Google algorithms use the pages and keywords used for this. That is, if you search by typing Dell on your system, Google tells you about Dell laptops and will not tell you about company founder Michael Dell. Besides, whenever you want to know the temperature information on your phone or PC, Google tells you the temperature according to your location and not the temperature associated with websites related to your temperature.

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