How to Hide private photos and videos on Android

Do you have any photos or videos on your Android smartphone that you don’t want your friends or relatives to see? Here are some tricks to hide them from prying eyes using dedicated applications and even without using anything

Hide compromising photos and videos on Android

Hide personal photos and videos on Android

How many times have you ever had private photos or videos on your smartphone, photos of little women or naked men received from various WhatsApp groups, personal images or videos of yours that you don’t want to show to others.

Unauthorized access, you forgot to lock your smartphone and you’re done, your embarrassing photos or videos could end up in the wrong hands. So today we will help you increase your privacy by using some applications and methods that will allow you to increase privacy on your Android smartphone by hiding private photos and videos without difficult procedures to follow.

Best Methods for Hiding Photos and Videos on Android

We will go to see what are the best methods to hide photos and videos on your Android device and in some cases also do a lot more by preventing access even to applications and to isolate entire parts of the system, making it impossible for unauthorized access.

System Utility

By now many smartphone and mobile device makers have added the functionality to create and access a protected area, the first was Samsung with Knox, which in practice creates an area not accessible by those without the access password.

The Personal Area allows you to store not only personal photos and videos, but also applications with our configurations and private accounts, the ability to take pictures and record videos already storing them in the protected area and much more. By now all manufacturers like Huawei, LG, but not Apple, have their data protection system in a protected area.

File Explorer ( Download ES File Explorer )

There is a little trick that prevents the viewing of photos, videos and multimedia content from the Android gallery with a little trick.

In practice with a common file manger like ES File Explorer, browsing in the various folders including those of WhatsApp reachable in the sub-folder/WhatsApp/media/WhatsApp images or that of the camera that are in /DCIM, simply creating a new file and renaming it as .nomedia we will prevent photos and videos inserted in that folder from being viewed by any gallery program on Android.

KeepSafe ( Download KeepSafe )

Finally, there is another safe method that relies on an application that deals with security, KeepSafe, which, once installed, thanks to a simple interface, allows you to create a real hidden account on the device, hiding the contents of the gallery, and much more all through a secure protection system with pin, password and credential recovery via the authentication system offered by the program itself.

In practice, without your authorization no one will be able to use the program that you have blocked or access the Android gallery, unless you directly unlock it with the password. I don’t know about you, but it often happens to me that people ask for the phone to see it and then, inexorably, end up in the photos to take my own business and with these programs we will have solved our problems.

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