Less Storage Space on Phone? Here are 10 Lite apps for your Android

Lighter versions of popular applications can help those who have little free space on the phone and also those who have limited data package.

The memory of cell phones is not infinite on the contrary, sometimes it seems like it winds up too fast. To solve this problem, many companies develop Lite versions of their apps, which lose some features but gain in speed, data saving, and internal space.

Techkhiladi separated some of the top Lite apps currently available for Android phones. If you’re out of internal space, or if your phone is too heavy, installing one of these apps can help make your device experience more enjoyable. Check out our suggestions below:

Facebook and Messenger Lite

The main Facebook application is known to be extremely heavy it takes up 373 MB of your Android. The Facebook Lite, in turn, occupies only 1.3 MB. Because it’s lighter, it also has some limitations on the full version, but overall, it lets you do what people love to do on Facebook: posting things, enjoying and commenting on friends’ posts, and more. This all-consuming less of your data packet too!

While Messenger also has a simplified version occupying only 6 MB of your Android, Messenger Lite lets you do everything that matters most in a chat app, which is basically chatting with friends by text, video or audio.

Google Apps

Google has prepared a full version of Android for basic phones. But for those who do not have a mobile running Android Go, the company offers several apps in a lighter version in the Play Store. These are the Google Go app, YouTube Go, Go Maps, Gmail Go and even Google Go Assistant. Download each of them from the Play Store from the links below:

Twitter Lite

The standard Twitter application takes up to 60MB the Lite version already consumes less than 2MB of storage on your phone. And Twitter Lite looks simpler, consumes fewer data and still retains the microblog’s key features you will not miss a beat by using that version.

Spotify Lite

Spotify Lite allows you to limit the use of application data and still takes up less than 10 MB of space on your phone. Basic features of Spotify, such as the ability to search for artists and songs, discover new music and listen to playlists.

Uber Lite

Finally, Uber also has a cheap mobile version. The Uber Lite takes up only 5MB of internal space on your device and still promises to work well on low-quality connections. With a simplified interface, it also displays a list of nearby popular places to help users choose the start and end points of the race.

If you need help, have doubts or concerns, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comment box below and we will try to help you as soon as possible!

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