10 Helpful apps to make Designer work easier

In times of digital transformation, remote work has never been so high, enabling new forms of production, sharing, and distribution, as well as applications, to facilitate the work of Designer and other digital careers. In this scenario, the many tools available for smartphones help many professionals, who can now do their jobs directly on small screens, whenever and wherever they want.

The designer is a great example of a professional who can have his work facilitated with the incredible programs already available for mobile devices. Whether in search of inspiration, in organizing tasks, or even when creating, the options are varied and very useful. We’ve listed 10 applications to make the Designer’s job easier and you can see them right below!

1. Flipboard

The app separates the main highlights in trends, tips, work and news that will keep you inspired and very well informed. In mobile magazine format, Flipboard allows you to choose your favorite themes, adding the best posts ideas for Instagram and other social media. Flipboard is free and is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

2. Design Hunt

Self-styled as a daily collection of the best products, apps, and inspirations for creatives, Design Hunt painstakingly curates among many sources – including Behance – to select and organize amazing content and images. The app lets you select your favorites and share with ease on key social networks. Design Hunt is available for free download on iOS or Chrome.

3. Trello

Creation work almost always depends on deadlines, goals and a lot of organization so that the delivery is the best possible for the client. Trello is a valuable tool among applications to make it easier for designers to work since the tool allows you to organize tasks, share projects with other members, and monitor all actions.

Also free, Trello has a paid version with advanced tools and is available for Android and iOS, as well as browsers. Remember that the app is also one of the best among productivity apps.

4. Slack

Few design professionals work alone in a project, and communication with employees or even clients is fundamental. On a single platform, Slack organizes this communication with several features, as well as internal chat and integration with other programs like Google Drive, Asana and Dropbox.

It is worth noting that it is great for professionals who use various websites to work from home.  Free, Slack has versions for Android, iOS, and browsers.

5. Sphere

Ever thought of creating campaigns or parts with 360-degree panoramic photos? With Sphere, this has become much easier, becoming one of the applications to facilitate the ideal designer job for panoramic images!

Success among designers, the app allows you to create immersive and striking experiences in amazing images that are already compatible with Youtube, Facebook, and alternatives to Facebook that allow the publication of 360-degree pieces. One more free app on the list, Sphere is available on Android or iOS devices.

6. Splice

The videos are increasingly important on the web and also in the work of designers. And if what you want is professional video appearance with ease in editing, Splice is the ideal choice.

The app lets you cut, speed up, add transitions, and more. Although free, Splice is only available for iOS platform.

7. Canva

Undoubtedly one of the sectors with the greatest opportunities for designers is in working with social networks, requiring the creation of pieces in various formats and dimensions. The Canva is a great precisely at this time, as it provides templates and models that facilitate the production in various formats. Free, the Canva has paid functions and can be downloaded in iOS, Android or browsers, being one of the most versatile applications to facilitate the work of a designer.

8. Adobe Package

Item 8 could also be 9, 10, 11 … This is because Adobe offers a number of tools to make it easier for the designer to work on the mobile, such as:

  • Adobe Capture CC , which lets you extract vector projects from common photos, plus the use of textures, brushes, fonts, color themes, vector graphics, and more;
  • Adobe Illustrator Draw , which offers the best features to create artistic drawings and customizations directly on your smartphone or tablet;
  • Adobe Photoshop Sketch , which has incredible tools for creating drawings and paintings that can be uploaded to Adobe Photoshop CC or Adobe Illustrator CC .

All three have free features and are available for iOS and Android.

9. Bazzart

Awarded with one of the best apps for iOS, Bazzart helps you create beautiful edits and manipulations of images, allowing you to synchronize with Adobe Creative Cloud and importing PSD files. Free, Bazzart is only available for iOS.

10. Coolors

The choice of colors is a fundamental step in a designer’s work, especially in a scenario where trends change so quickly. To make choosing the color palette, suggesting combinations and exporting shades easier , Coolors is the perfect app.

Coolors is available for $ 2.52 for Android and iOS. The applications make it easier and more agile for the designer’s work, but they do not make the most important part of the hands and heads of professionals, which is creativity.

If you need help, have doubts or concerns, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comment box below and we will try to help you as soon as possible!

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