The Best Alternatives to GTA 5 On Android to Download Right Now!

GTA 5 Android: here are 10 alternative games to download as an alternative. GTA for Android: all the games you can download to play GTA 5 mobile

The Best Alternatives to GTA 5 On Android to Download Right Now!

GTA 5 for Android

GTA 5 Android exists? Let’s try to answer this question!

Recently I’ve noticed that more and more people are searching on blogs, forums and even on Google if you can download the GTA 5 game for Android. 

Indeed it is a fantastic title, available for some years now for PCs and consoles, but which has not yet arrived on smartphones. And I’m not just talking about Android, but also about iOS: at the moment there are no traces of the mobile version of GTA 5. 

GTA 5 mobile

The GTA 5 game for Android is NOT available at the moment and we don’t know if and when it will arrive.

Actually the old versions of GTA have also been released for the mobile platform in the past, so it is reasonable to expect that sooner or later even GTA 5 will arrive on Android and iOS.

At the moment, however, I can confirm that GTA 5 does not exist for Android or iPhone.

GTA free for Android: the best alternatives

In the meantime, if you want to play GTA 5 on Android, you can try these 10 very good and fun alternatives:

These are 10 beautiful games available on the Play Store, some for free, others for a fee, which will allow you to live an experience very similar to that offered by GTA 5 on your Android device.

GTA for Android

How to download GTA on Android?

If you are a passionate video player on GTA (Grand Theft Auto) on consoles and computers and you want to download the game also on your Android smartphone (or tablet), below you will see all the currently available ways to download GTA on Android (apart from GTA 5, which as we have said at the moment does not exist).

As I told you a little earlier, in the past the old versions of GTA for Android arrived on the Google Play Store.

Just talking about official versions of GTA for Android, at the moment you will find these games on the Play Store, developed directly by Rockstar Games:

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the closest thing to GTA 5 currently available for the Android platform.

We hope that the next version of the game will arrive soon on our smartphones and tablets!

GTA 5 Android APK free: be careful!

Final recommendation: many fictitious GTA APK files circulate on the network.

Basically you are offered to download GTA 5 APK for Android, but in reality you go to download malware, viruses and other similar crap that in reality does not make you play for this title, but only creates confusion and problems on your device.

Once again, therefore, be very careful what you download in APK format for your Android, especially if you find the file on strange or little-known sites.

In general I suggest you to download APK for Android only from these sites:


As we have already said, there is no GTA 5 APK file for Android at least for the moment. If it ever arrives, we will definitely update this article and publish a news about it.

For any doubt or question, leave a comment at the end of the article!

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