Google Drive will now work in an offline mode

Google Drive is testing an offline mode that can work via Chrome. This same offline mode is also already present in solutions like Google Docs, Sheets and Slides. Now, in an attempt to further improve Google Drive, the technology is testing a more intuitive offline mode where you can also access PDF documents, images, Office files, and more. This way, even without an Internet connection, we will not lose access to most files in the cloud.

At this point, the company is accepting applications for interested users. Therefore, a more comprehensive beta phase is available for those interested. From there, it is enough to mark a file for offline consultation. For now, the beta phase is only available to G Suite account administrators. The remaining users will have to wait for the end of the test period, thus being excluded from the first phase.

Google Drive is working in an offline mode

First, the file is uploaded via Google Chrome. Then the message will appear in the lower left corner, informing you of your offline availability. This is where we get full access to the material in question, even though Internet access has been interrupted.

At this point, offline mode is only expected to be accessible via Google Chrome. Something will certainly change in the event that this function is effectively implemented. Users have to enable this mode from Drive itself, or through Docs, from the menu of their settings.

Then, you need to authenticate with an account certified as responsible for the G Suite. Only then will the option to make an offline file available. It should also be noted that there is no timetable for its global distribution.

However, it’s worth mentioning that Dropbox-the rival to Google Docs-is also improving its collaborative engagement scheme.

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