Future of iTunes at next macOS Catalina : Here is what you need to know

iTunes as we know it will end. At the WWDC conference, Apple announced that in the next version of macOS will split the functionality of the service into three new apps: Music, TV, and Podcasts.

Through several points, Apple explained to users how everything will work. The company wants to put each content in your app, and as you’d expect you will not lose anything you’ve saved or bought.

What to expect from new services

  • The music you imported or purchased will be in the new Apple Music application;
  • The playlists you’ve created in iTunes will be in the new Apple Music app;
  • The iTunes store will remain available to buy music on the Mac, iOS, PC and Apple TV;
  • Gift and credit cards in iTunes will be retained and can be used with the new apps and in the App Store;
  • The backup, restore and synchronization of the iPhone, iPad, and iPod will move to the Finder;
  • Movies and series you purchased or rented from iTunes will be on the new Apple TV app;
  • Uses the Apple TV app for Mac for future purchases and rentals of movies and series;
  • Podcasts you subscribed to or added to iTunes will be in the new Apple Podcasts app;
  • The audiobooks you purchased in iTunes will be available in the Apple Books app;
  • Use the Apple Books for Mac app for future audiobook purchases.

As far as music is concerned, Apple Music becomes the center of operations. Everything you have imported or purchased passes to this app. The playlists you’ve created will be retained, and the store will also move to the new app.

Apple explains the future of iTunes at next macOS CatalinaSeedlings for Apple Music, and your content changes with you

Your iTunes gift cards will continue to be valid as well as any credit you have invested in the application. The TV app will work the same way and contain any movie or series that you have purchased or rented through iTunes.

Synchronization with iPhone, iPad, and iPod starts to be done in Finder

With regard to podcasts, they will also pass to the new application for that purpose, and audiobooks for a renovated Apple Books. As mentioned, any backup, restore or synchronization of iPhones, iPads and iPods is now done in the Finder.

These changes will arrive sometime in the fall, as soon as macOS Catalina reaches the various Apple computers. The company says that nothing you have saved will be affected and that this division favors consumers.

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