Four Tips to Use the Windows Snipping Tool at its Best

Here are four tips for using the Windows Snipping Tool, the feature that lets you capture some or all of your PC screen.

Four Tips for Using the Windows Snipping Tool

1 – Shortcut

Using a set of keys to open programs or use certain features is very useful. So let’s create one to easily open the Snip Tool. First, go to the search area, type snipping tool and select ‘Post to taskbar’.

Four Tips for Using the Windows Snipping Tool

From now on, the functionality is easily available and can be opened by Snipping the ‘Windows + order number in the toolbar’, in our case it is 9. With the Snipping Tool open use ‘Alt + N’ to create a new Snipping, ‘Alt + M’ to choose Snipping mode and ‘Shift + Arrow Keys’ to move the cursor and select a rectangular Snipping area.

2 – Disable overlay

The SnipTool allows you to take a screenshot but usually places a white area around the image. If you want to remove this overlay layer just click on ‘Options’ and uncheck the ‘Show screen overlay when the Snip tool is active’ box.

3- Delays screenshots

The Windows Snipping Tool allows you to delay the screen capture from one to five seconds, very useful when, for example, you want to take a print screen but check several options beforehand. Choose ‘Delay’ from the menu and the duration you want.

4- Customization

You can change the color of the line that delimits the screen capture to better understand what you are cutting. To do this go to ‘Options’> ‘Applications’> ‘Ink color’ and then in the dropdown menu choose the color that you think is most appropriate. You can also make this border visible: just check the box ‘Show the selection ink after the cutouts have been captured’.

Another interesting feature is that you can annotate the screenshots. Once you have done the capture you can choose the color of the pen in the respective icon, write what you want and then save it by clicking on the diskette symbol. There is also the possibility of underlining with a yellow pen, for example, in cases where there is text to be highlighted.

If you need help, have doubts or concerns, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comment box below and we will try to help you as soon as possible!

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