Forgot Android password : Here’s how to unlock your phone

It can be difficult to happen but it is not impossible to forget the password, PIN or set pattern that you use to unlock your Android smartphone. See in this tutorial how to unlock your Android device without remembering the password.

When this situation occurs, there is no reason for despair. Android has a solution so you can reset the password you use in order to unlock it, and there are other alternatives to recover your smartphone. Check below!

By the computer

The most trusted feature that you should take as the first choice is Device Manager. It functions as a website that can be accessed on the computer and has the option to reset the device password. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Access this link in your browser;
  2. Sign in with the Google account that is set up on your device;
  3. If you have more than one registered smartphone, select the one with the problem. Click “Lock”;
  4. Now, just set a new password.

When you finish the above step, when you try to unlock the device you will be prompted to set a new password. Rest assured: no file or device configuration is erased in this process.

Using another smartphone

If you have another Android phone, you can also access the same service that we use on the computer with the “Find my device” application. The procedure is the same as the computer. Look:

  1. Download the application through this link ;
  2. Sign in with the Google account set up on the device with the problem. Tap “Lock” and set the new password.

As with the computer process, you will not lose any files or settings using this method.

Solution for a version of Android 4.4 or lower

The process to regain access to the smartphone in older versions of Android is much simpler than the methods mentioned above. Follow the steps:

  1. Try to access your smartphone 5 times;
  2. An option asking if you forgot your password will appear, tap it;
  3. Log in with your Google account on this screen.

In this process, there is also no lost file or configuration that was on the smartphone.

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