Firefox ScreenshotGo : Best Screenshot app for Smartphones

I’m pretty sure you’ve suffered the same as me. You take a screenshot and then spend hours and hours looking for that photo you want. Well, prepare for your life to change with Firefox ScreenshotGo.

The new Firefox application is still in beta, but what it already does is impressive. In addition to ordering you to disorganize the screenshots, let you search for words in the image you want. Exactly, you write a word that you had in the screenshot and the application finds you at once what you are looking for.

Main features of this application

  • Take Screenshots
  • Search for screenshot with words
  • Copy all text from the screenshot
  • Adjust screenshots by groups (folder) created by you
  • Quick access button for screen capture (can be disabled)
  • Select a word from the screenshot and start a Google search right away
  • Select screenshot folder before being taken
  • All the screenshots in one place (separately from your photos, something that does not happen in the gallery)
  • Permanently delete screenshots
  • You can install the Android app on the Google Play Store

Organize the screenshots

There’s nothing worse than being looking for a photo on Google Photos or the gallery and sticking a huge amount of screenshots in the middle of the mess. It is true that sometimes we need such catches, but if you are like me, you lose track of the time you have and you still have caught from last year that you do not need at all.

Firefox ScreenshotGo is the application you need (even) to install on your Android!

Well, with this functionality, the headaches are over. I’m seriously excited about a screenshot app. We have long needed something like this.

But there is still room for improvement

As much as I’m fascinated by the application, I can still see some features that I would like to have implemented. The automatic translation was advantageous. When selecting the text have the possibility to translate immediately. You have a Google Lens (or something similar) installed. And in addition to searching for text, you can search by the description of the image. For example, you wrote “dog” and you had the screenshots with the text “dog” and captures with an image of a “dog”.

Still, we have to consider that this application is still in Beta. That is, much more will come. Until then, this is now my default application for managing all that are screenshots.

If you need help, have doubts or concerns, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comment box below and we will try to help you as soon as possible!

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