How to enable the dinosaur game in Chrome when Online

Chrome Dino is a familiar easter egg offline, which works on your phone and browser on your computer let’s see how play this game better

The T-Rex Running, or famous Chrome Dinosaur game, can be a great hobby when you have nothing to do and have no internet. This is a familiar easter egg offline, which works on the mobile phone and the browser on the computer.

How to enable the dinosaur game in Chrome Offline

How to Access the Dinosaur Game in Chrome

Whenever your internet is off – ie offline – and you open Chrome, you’ll see the T-Rex dinosaur above the phrase “This webpage is not available” or “No Internet,” either on your computer or on your smartphone/tablet.

Just press the space bar. The goal is simple: jump over the cactus and get the best score possible. The space key also serves to jump (on the phone, just touch the screen). The score is stored and you can try to upgrade.

They fly low and close to the ground, about the height of the cactus, or above you. This makes the game more difficult and you need to lower (arrow down) in the prehistoric endless runner .

Birthday update: 10 years Google Chrome

Updated for the 10-year anniversary version of Google Chrome, the dinosaur won a party hat and a cake. If your dinosaur “eat the cake” (do not skip the piece), get a blue and purple little hat and go on with the game celebrating the birthday.

It’s possible to play even when you’re logged in – just type chrome://dino in the address bar. If the birthday version does not appear, refresh the browser.

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