Election commission launches Voter Turnout app, Learn how to use

Election Commission has launched a new app Voter Turnout for voters during the Lok Sabha elections. This app will provide real-time voter presence across the country. The beta version of this app is available on Google Play Store. This app has been downloaded more than 10,000 times so far. Voter attendance can be seen in the state and parliamentary area wise manner during this Lok Sabha election through this app.

What does election commissioner say?

Election Commissioner Sandeep Saxena says that this app will provide transparency to the public about voter attendance. Sandeep Saxena said that at the parliamentary field level the data will be constantly updated through another app so that the app can provide information in real-time. Through this app, users will also provide voter information in different parliamentary constituencies of any state besides showing the estimated voters for each state. Apart from this, this app also shows voting at the level of Assembly constituency.

Learn how to use:

First, download it by visiting the Google Play Store. Once installed, open the app. In this, the first page that will open will show you the Estimated Voter Turnout. It has been reported on the basis of the state. By tapping on the three lines at the bottom right, you can also get information about the state’s full state. In this, you must first select the state. After that, the PC and AC have to be selected. On clicking OK, you will see information on the screen.

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