How to download Xiaomi Mint Launcher (Download APK)

The new Xiaomi Mint Launcher has arrived. After revealing the Mint Browser, Xiaomi continues to provide solutions for users with the new launcher. This launcher is not much different from the Little Launcher unveiled on the Pocophone F1, however, it has already gained space for my smartphones.

You can install this launcher on any Android smartphone, that is, although Launcher is from Xiaomi you do not need to have a smartphone from the Chinese company to use it.

At this moment installed in my OnePlus 6, this launcher shows itself with a fluidity of quality and possibilities that the customization fans love.

The Xiaomi Mint Launcher is very similar to the Little Launcher

Like Little Launcher, you can also use the Icon Pack for this theme. For this, you only have to install the packs you want and go to the Xiaomi Mint Launcher settings to activate the icon pack of your choice.

Regarding the User Interface, the Xiaomi Mint Launcher is simple and elegant. We have a drawer of applications with slide up. When opening the application drawer you have the possibility to write which application you are looking for at the bottom.

At the top, you have also the “suggestions of applications”. That is, at the top of the app drawer you’ll have the Apps you use most regularly.

In addition, the customization allows you to choose the size of the icons and how many you want to see in each line. You have a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5. You can also enter a form of page movement. Lastly, you have the Google search widget at the top but you can put it where you think it is most advantageous.

How to install the Xiaomi Mint Launcher via APK

Although the Mint Launcher is already in the Google Play Store, it is still not possible to install it. However, there is nothing that a good APK does not do. That being so, you just have to follow the instructions below to install the latest launcher from the Asian manufacturer.

First, connect to Wi-Fi so you do not spend data on your smartphone. Then click on the Mint Launcher loco and wait a few seconds to start the download. In some cases you will be directed to Drive, if this is the case, click on “download”.

Install here the new Xiaomi Mint Launcher APK

Please wait for a few moments until the download is complete. After that go to the notifications and click on the notification that says “Download done successfully”. Click and, if appropriate, give Google Drive access to install the Xiaomi Mint Launcher APK.

Then go back to the installation and click on the typical “Next” and “install”. By clicking “Open” you will have the launcher to give you the welcome information. Simple, fast and secure.

If you need help, have doubts or concerns, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comment box below and we will try to help you as soon as possible!

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