How to download videos from Tumblr

In this guide we will see how you can download Tumblr videos in same way you download Facebook videos or download low GIFs from Twitter

Some webapps just need Tumblr link (from blog or post) to capture the media and turn it into .MP4, .FLV, .AVI, .WMV and, if you just want the music from the videos, convert it to .MP3 format.

How to download videos from Tumblr

How to download Tumblr videos

  1. Visit a Tumblr video download site like:


  1. Choose the URL of post you want to download the Tumblr video from;
  2. Choose the format you want to download the Tumblr song or video;

If you are not finding the permalink for the video post, click the three-point menu in the post and choose “Permalink”. Copy the URL that appears at the top of the browser.


On the TubeOffline site, just click “Download” to download the video. In DownloadVideosFrom you will need to click on “Share”, open the URL in another tab and right-click to choose the “Save” option, on top of the video.

Once this is done, the video will already be yours.

Both sites offer an “embed” link for you to embed the video on another site. However, you can do this in Tumblr’s own post menu, in the “Embed” option.

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