How to download Spotify playlists to other services; and vice versa

Services for streaming music have been popular for some time, and new alternatives with attractive features always appear and may make you want to switch platforms. In case you migrate from one service to another, you should find it discouraging to have to recreate the playlists you’ve spent time in before.

To mitigate this problem there are some services like Soundiiz, which can transfer the playlist between different streaming services like Spotify, Deezer and others.

How to use it.

  1. Go to the Soundiiz website and click on “Start Now”;

2. Create a service account or, if you prefer, use one of the supported social networks to login to it.

3. In the main service screen, click on the services icons that are in the menu on the left to log in to them.

4. Note that the service will start displaying your playlist on the right side. Right-click the one you want to export and use the “Convert to …” option.

5. Name the playlist and click on “Save Configuration”.

6. Select the songs to be exported and click on “Confirm tracklist”.

7. This time, choose the service that will receive the playlist and wait for the process to complete. In playlists with more than 100 songs, the process may take a few minutes.

How to download to YouTube Music

Soundiiz, as you can see from the pictures, has support for major music streaming services today, but is not yet compatible with YouTube Music, for example. Fortunately, this issue can be circumvented by exporting the playslists of the different services to YouTube, since you can access their content from YouTube Music.

Free version Restrictions

In the free version of Soundiiz, you can perform the functions of convert playlists between one service and another without any problems. However, please note that it has a limit for free users, who can download only 200 songs at a time.

This way, if you have more than 200 songs, you will need to repeat the process more than once until everything you want is downloaded. If you opt for a service subscription, this limitation is removed and you’ll gain access to some extras, such as transferring all playlists from one service to another, or even having playlists synced across more than one platform.

In the tests done by Digital Look  all the songs of the playlists were transferred correctly, without any item being missing. However, a warning remains, the quality of them will vary, of course, depending on the service you have chosen, as well as having paid subscriptions on them.

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