How to downlaod and play PUBG Lite on PC

A new version of the game PUBG is free for computers and is now available. Know what changes in it and how to play it!

PUBG is a game that made famous the Battle Royale genre, arriving first for computers and then with a free version for mobile devices, which can also be played on the PC. Now, after two years of launching the original game, the PC finally wins another version, which is free and is not an Android emulator.

This new game is called PUBG Lite and was released. But has some differences compared to the original game? Here’s how to play PUBG Lite for free on your computer.

Requirements and differences for the original game

Just as its name suggests the Lite version of PUBG does not end up being as complete as the original game. In it, for example, the biggest differences are due to the lower graphs, in addition to the number of maps and modes, which are currently:

  • Map Erangel;
  • Map Miramar;
  • Map Sanhok;
  • Training mode.

To make up for this, of course, the game does not require hardware as potent as the original version of PUBG. To run it, you must have at least these minimum requirements:

  • 2.4GHz Intel Core i3 processor;
  • 4 GB of RAM;
  • Intel HD 4000 Graphics Card;
  • 4 GB of free disk space.

In turn, who wants to run the game with more graphics quality, should have this configuration:

  • 2.8 GHz Intel Core i5 processor;
  • 8 GB of RAM;
  • Video card GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7870;
  • 4 GB of free disk space.

How to play PUBG Lite on PC

Before you download the game, you need to create an account on the PUBG Lite website, which will be used to login to it. Here’s how to proceed to account creation and game download:

  1. Go to the official PUBG Lite website and click on “Account”;How to play PUBG Lite on PC
  2. In the next screen, you must choose between creating an account or using Facebook login for this;How to play PUBG Lite on PC
  3. Once you have created your account, in the main panel of it, click on “Link now” where is the “PUBG Lite” icon;How to play PUBG Lite on PC
  4. Click the “Download” button and wait for the installation file to be downloaded.How to play PUBG Lite on PC

After you have downloaded the game, you will have to perform your installation, which in turn will also make a further download, referring to the files of PUBG Lite. Then, when everything is finalized, you can enter the game using the account that was created on the site.

If you need help, have doubts or concerns, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comment box below and we will try to help you as soon as possible!

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