How to Disable the Integrated Video Card

Do you want to use all the power of the external video card on your computer but do you also have an integrated video card? Here’s how to disable it

Guide on How to Disable the Integrated Video Card

Guide on How to Disable the Integrated Video Card

Do you want to take advantage of all the power of the external video card, the internal video card is broken and causes problems to the PC such as blocks or reboots? Well with this article we will tell you how to permanently disable the integrated video card on your computers with Windows, MAC or Linux.

The reasons for deactivation can be many, from the replacement or enhancement of the video component, hardware and software conflicts or the need to exploit only the power of the external graphics card.

Disable the integrated Video Card on a Computer

Once you have installed an external video card, in some cases, the integrated one can remain active to handle certain precise tasks decided by the operating system, but if we want to disable it completely, here’s how.

Disable the integrated Video Card from the Settings

Once you have turned on your PC with Windows to disable the video card you must:

  • Open the Device Manager section by pressing Windows + R and then type in the devmgmt.msc search box. The page will open with Device Manager.
  • From here you must find the option Video card
  • In the list you will find two video cards, the external one that will have a name and the other that will be an Intel (very likely) or AMD.
  • To disable it you have to click with the right mouse button and select on Disable or Disable device.

Disable the Video Card integrated by the BIOS

You can also disable the integrated video card from the BIOS and to do so you have to enter the BIOS, and as the procedure changes from device to device, search on Google “How to enter the BIOS on – Manufacturer and model of your Computer -“.

Once you have entered the BIOS or UEFI you have to browse through the settings and find the following items to disable the internal video card:

  • Look for the Advanced entry and in the section Onboard Device Configuration, Integrated Peripherals or similar there is a section where you have to change the Primary Graphics Adapter, Primary Video Controller, Initiate Graphic Adapter, Display Boot Priority or similar. You need to assign the lowest entry to the integrated video card.
  • With other BIOS or UEFI the item to look for is Onboard Graphics or Internal Graphics where it will be set to Disable.
  • Exit the BIOS or UEFI and save the changes.
  • Thus you will have disabled the internal video card.

Obviously for both guides, to re-enable the internal video card, you must repeat the procedures described above.

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