Crash Bandicoot Mobile: download it and play now on Android | GUIDE

Crash Bandicoot Mobile has arrived on Android: here’s how to install and try it now. Download Crash Bandicoot Mobile APK for Android smartphones and tablets

Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot Mobile APK

We are finally here: the Crash Bandicoot Mobile game is ready to land on our Android smartphones and tablets.

Indeed, to be honest it is already available on the Play Store, but not yet in all countries.

If you also want to try Crash Bandicoot Mobile right away on your Android phone or tablet, without waiting for the game to be made available also in Italyyour country, below I will explain how to manually download and install the APK file in the safest, fastest and easiest way possible.

Without wasting time, therefore, let’s see how to download Crash Bandicoot Mobile for Android now.

Download Crash Bandicoot Mobile APK

As anticipated, the procedure to install Crash Bandicoot Mobile on the Android smartphone is very simple.

  1. First of all you need to download the game installation file which occupies 345 MB. Download it directly to your phone but DO NOT install it.
  2. Now download this special application that will allow you to subsequently install the game (unfortunately it is not a normal APK, it cannot be installed with the usual procedure).
  3. Now you have to manually install the APKPure file: this is a normal APK file that is installed by touching it (also directly from the notification window) and granting permission to install apps from unknown sources.
  4. Once installed, you need to start the APKPure app, tap the three-line menu in the upper right and scroll right until you reach the APK/XAPK Management tab. Here you will find the game installation file previously downloaded and marked with the XAPK tag. Tap the Install button on the right and confirm to install the game.
  5. At this point you can also uninstall APKPure and launch the game by tapping on its icon, just like you would any other app on your smartphone.

Have fun!

Presentation of the game

It is, as expected, an “endless runner “, like Temple Run (but also as Super Mario Run), which is a bit the natural way to convert the platform genre on smartphones.

The character then runs automatically, and the player is changing their direction or making him jump to avoid obstacles or collect bonuses and collectibles.

The narrative background, very simple, of the action provides us with the description we find on the Play Store: “Crash and Coco join forces to stop Dr. Neo Cortex’s evil plan to destroy the multiverse!”

Together with Crash, therefore, we will also find the little sister Coco, who apparently will wait for the return of her brother to the “base”, a HUB that between one level and another will be possible to expand and enhance by unlocking new buildings.


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