How to check if you’ve blocked by someone on WhatsApp

Whatsapp has become an important tool for chatting and making video calls and connecting with friends. But what if someone blocks you to the most commonly used instant messaging app in India? If you feel that someone has blocked you then there are some ways you can find out about it. How do you know that you’ve been blocked on Whatsapp?

Message delivery on the tick of delivery

Whatsapp does not have the option of blocking notifications. That does not mean you can not figure out who blocked you when. However, this can be detected by a delivery tick. If your sent message does not change from one tick to two ticks, then that contact may have blocked you.

Profile View Changes

In addition to a single tick, you also pay attention to changes in the profile. When someone blocks you, you do not see the display picture, status, and all the information about that contact. Both of these tricks are easy to use because both tricks can be easily noticeable.

Other options are also available

To ensure your suspicion you can also look at the availability of contact in the chat window. If the contact has not blocked you, then you may get to see the timestamp of ‘online’ or ‘last scene’ under their name. However, if you do not get to see it for hours, then the contact may have blocked you or they are not using Whatsapp.

Will not able to call WhatsApp

If blocked, you will not be able to make a voice call to the contact. If you are suspicious then you can see that contact by calling Whatsapp if the call is not connected repeatedly, then maybe you are a block.

Try to add in the group

If you do not get the confirmation even after trying all tricks given above, then try to add that contact to any Whatsapp group. Here you will know completely whether you are a block or not. Whatsapp does not give you the option to add a contact that blocks you.

In all these ways, you can find out that no one has blocked you on Whatsapp.

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