How to change region to watch Netflix catalogs of other countries

We know that one of the best Netflix catalogs is that of Netflix American. But American content is blocked for non-Americans. If you access from outside the US, even if you are American and you are traveling in another country, it will still be blocked. However, learn more by viewing this guide. In other cases, is it possible to watch all Netflix programming, even in a country other than the US? Yes, and that’s what we’re going to deal with.

VPN free

Many users find that downloading and using a free VPN such as Hola or Opera VPN are enough to have the content unlocked. This technique may even work, but Netflix works hard to block access through a VPN. Therefore, since a free VPN does not have many servers / IPs available, the chance of this working well is very small.

Account banned?

Not! The terms of the service do not say that you will have your account banned if you use a VPN. This is because a paid VPN is a legally acquired product. The terms are specific when they say you may lose access to the Streaming service if you use something that “skips” the service. Therefore, in this case, simply disable the VPN to have access normally. See below the terms in English, or access your account in the option (read the terms).

Paid VPN

Using a paid VPN may be the solution since most of them offer multiple servers and valid IP addresses. This way the user can access Netflix bypassing the geographical block. Another great advantage of using a VPN is regarding the security of your network. Click here and understand how it works. Still not convinced? Before you choose a VPN service, first check questions like a refund. Companies that offer VPN (paid), in most cases offer a refund of the values if your product does not work as you expect.

VPN Services

Here are some tips for paid VPN services. They will give you, user, as well as access to streaming content from another country, also give security in the network. Many are concerned about this issue. However, a VPN can hide your real IP address and location while you enjoy watching your favorite shows and movies.


VPN is always a good choice, since, as we mentioned above, it can provide security and privacy. In addition, it can give access to geographically blocked content when it comes to seeing, for example, Netflix from another country other than yours. Finally, use a VPN that gives you the option of repayment if you regret it.

If you need help, have doubts or concerns, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comment box below and we will try to help you as soon as possible!

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