How to change profile picture in Windows 10

If you have noticed, in the login screen and in the Start menu of Windows 10 is the profile picture of your account. Usually, Windows assigns a new profile image to the new users, or the profile picture of your connected Microsoft account. In this guide, we will go to see how to change profile picture of Windows 10.


Set up a new profile photo of Windows 10

To change profile photos of Windows 10 you will need to have an image available and a few minutes of patience.

Go to the Start menu by clicking on the icon at the bottom left, or via the Win key. You will find the icon of your Windows profile at the top left after the shutdown shortcuts, settings, documents and more. Click on it and choose  “Manage your account”.

You will be sent back to a Settings section called “Your info” where you can go and change your profile picture of Windows 10. All you have to do is click on “browse for one”  in the  “Create your image” section. Alternatively, you can use the integrated camera on your PC or a webcam using the “Camera” option.

You will therefore have to choose the image to be set for your profile and confirm the choice. Windows will crop and resize the photo automatically in 448 x 448 pixels, so we recommend using a square or circular profile photo.

Connect a Microsoft account to Windows 10

If you already have a Microsoft account, Windows will use the profile picture of that account as long as they are connected.

To do this you can enter your account during the first setup of Windows 10.

Alternatively, go to Settings > Accounts > E-mail Accounts and for apps and sign in with your Microsoft account. If set as primary, Windows will automatically recognize the profile photo of Windows 10 and will be shown in the various sections.

ATTENTION: if the image is not immediately loaded, do not be worried. You may need to reboot or wait for Windows to reload your account information.

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