How to find 3D objects and animals on Google

Google AR animals

It seems that children can no longer have fun without a cell phone and, if you don’t see a problem with that, you can count on Google’s help. When searching for an animal or object in the search engine, a button activates its 3D version, in augmented reality, and the game helps to find that animal or object, … Read more

Install YouTube++ on iPhone, iPod, iPad

YouTube plus plus

YouTube ++ installation guide on iPhone, iPod and iPad. Install the modified and enhanced version of YouTube without Jailbreak in a few steps with our help YouTube ++ FEBRUARY 2020 UPDATE In today’s guide we will see how to download and install the YouTube ++ program on iPhone, iPod and iPad without Jailbreak. Thanks to our instructions you will be … Read more

How To Connect USB Drives to iPad

How To Connect USB Drives to iPad

Do you need to connect a USB stick to iPad? Here’s how to read USB stick on your iPad. Can I connect a USB stick to iPad? Here is the answer Attach USB stick to iPad If for any reason you need to connect a USB stick to your iPad to read the files inside, you will be happy to know … Read more