How To Connect USB Drives to iPad

Do you need to connect a USB stick to iPad? Here’s how to read USB stick on your iPad. Can I connect a USB stick to iPad? Here is the answer

How To Connect USB Drives to iPad

Attach USB stick to iPad

If for any reason you need to connect a USB stick to your iPad to read the files inside, you will be happy to know that the procedure to follow is extremely simple, convenient and fast.

With the release of iOS 13, in fact, Apple has completely changed an important aspect of its operating system and finally allows its users to read any USB stick on the iPad thanks to the arrival of the “File” application, down installed by default on the system operating. 

App to read USB stick on iPad

If in the past to read USB sticks on iPad it was necessary to Jailbreak and void the warranty of the tablet, finally with iOS 13 things have totally changed.

If you also need to read documents, files, movies, TV series or music saved on a USB stick directly from your iPad, simply update your device to iOS 13 to enjoy this revolutionary new feature.

At that point all you have to do is connect the USB stick to iPad: the “File” application will automatically open, through which it will be possible to open and manage all the files on the external memory.

You can therefore open a document stored on the external hard disk or move a photo and save it in the local memory of the iPad and do operations of any kind, as you usually do with your desktop or laptop.

How to download photos from iPad to stick

I also add that with iPadOS (the iPad operating system) it is also possible to compress and decompress files without having to use third-party apps. Quick actions are also available to rotate images or perform other specific actions on files.

In addition,  Safari on iOS 13 and iPadOS can direct downloads directly to external drives, rather than to the local storage of the iPhone or iPad.

Comfortable, right?

The only requirement, in addition to that of having iOS 13, is obviously that of using a USB stick compatible with the Lightning output of iPad. Some iPad models are equipped with a “classic” USB port, so in that case you can connect any USB stick, the same ones you use on your desktop or laptop.


We have seen that, with the arrival of iOS 13, you don’t need any app to attach USB stick to iPad.

You can use the File Manager (File) already present in the iPad operating system to read all the files stored on your USB stick. Convenient!

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