Laptop Keyboard not Working : Here’s how to fix

One of the problems that occur on laptops is with keyboard. The keyboard can be damaged because it is too often used for typing. When your laptop keyboard has been damaged or even some buttons are not working, you should not need to panic much. Before buying a new laptop or bringing it to a repairman, … Read more

Dropbox: Now transfer files of upto 100 GB online

Dropbox Launches Transfer, Service That Shares 100 GB of Files

The platform lets you send copies of large files directly to anyone, other than cloud-based collaboration with the company already offering. Dropbox has gained a new file-sharing option. The company announced the Dropbox Transfer, which lets you send copies of large files up to 100 GB. The proposal is different from the collaborative cloud-based transfer … Read more

How to control two computers with same keyboard and mouse

Use the same keyboard and mouse on multiple computers

With this guide, you’ll learn how to use the same keyboard and mouse on multiple computers, without having to switch cables, using free applications such as the Input Director. 1-Installation With the computer that will keep the keyboard and mouse connected, go to the official page of the Input Director ( and download the latest … Read more

How to access your PC files from your Android or iPhone smartphone remotely

How to access your PC files from your smartphone remotely

You’ve probably seen yourself wanting to access the files you have on your computer from your Android phone. Usually, when this happens, it is too late and you can do nothing to solve the problem, but today we want to teach you how to prepare for this eventuality in case you need to remotely access your … Read more

How to see which applications are using the microphone in Windows 10

How to change a user's name in Windows 10

Have you ever wondered what applications on your PC are listening to your microphone? A new feature in Windows 10 has made it easier to control and works with both Microsoft applications and third-party applications. Windows 10 receives important updates twice a year, and the operating system is always bringing improvements. Microsoft is currently testing a … Read more