Discord security & privacy tips : Keep your account safe and secure

two factor discord

As you know, many companies, schools or teams need apps to get in touch. Discord is one of the most interesting for that since it allows you to create several chat rooms in which different users can enter and exit at their choice or delete discord account permanently. There is no limit of members, so … Read more

A Complete Guide To GTA Online’s Diamond Casino & Resort

A Complete Guide To GTA Online’s Diamond Casino & Resort

For several years, the Grand Theft Auto V in-game casino was effectively the biggest tease in gaming. When GTA V first came out in 2013, a casino with a “coming soon” sign on it was visible in the Los Santos neighbourhood of Vinewood. In 2015, GameRant announced speculation that perhaps the casino was finally about to open. … Read more

Crash Bandicoot Mobile: download it and play now on Android | GUIDE

Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot Mobile has arrived on Android: here’s how to install and try it now. Download Crash Bandicoot Mobile APK for Android smartphones and tablets Crash Bandicoot Mobile APK We are finally here: the Crash Bandicoot Mobile game is ready to land on our Android smartphones and tablets. Indeed, to be honest it is already available on the Play … Read more