How to use Instagram direct Message on Mac, Linux and Windows PC

Using Instagram Direct on your computer is impossible in your browser. This is a lot of trouble for people using Instagram for business, especially when we consider that it is possible to create quick answers, which greatly increase the productivity of those who use the social network. But knowing how to talk about Instagram on the PC is one of the biggest doubts […]

How to schedule automatic scan in Windows 10

An important change made in Windows 8 was the coming of an integrated antivirus system known as Windows Defender. After many improvements with the arrival of Windows 10, some users have even begun to set aside some more traditional protection suites, leaving only what system already offers. Despite its similarities to more traditional programs of this […]

10 Best iPhone and iPad Keyboard Apps to type without errors and easily

The fact that the keyboard of the iPhone and iPad is kind of bland is already known, so much so that Apple even decided to make some changes to the latest versions of iOS. Still, there is always room to boost your keyboard, especially with special applications. Exactly so, we have prepared a neat list with some […]

How to know Your Mac Have Virus and how to clean it

Tell me one thing: has your Mac been having some weird behavior? Are you seeing ads that you can not explain or your Mac is extremely slow? So pay close attention to this text. Apple computers have always been known to have no viruses. However, with the growth of its popularity, some malware appeared. Do not worry: this is a […]