Waiting For New version of Apple MacBook Pro? Here is Everything You Need to Know

In recent months, we have received some rumors, about a ‘redesign’ of Apple MacBook Pro! Something that deep down seems somewhat forced, to correct all the problems that have hovered over the design launched in 2016.

After all, the laptop that should be the exponent of productivity and quality of construction, is full of problems on the keyboard, the speakers, the monitor … In the early models, even reports of problems with Wi-Fi existed.

So to eliminate all these problems, it was expected that Apple simply launched a new model on the market! With a new design, accompanied with a new version of 16 “or 16.5”

However, the latest information suggests that after all, this new version, and the redesign of the iconic range of laptops, will only come in 2021.

Thus, according to a renewed note from Ming-Chi Kuo, in 2021 Apple will launch a MacBook Pro with a screen between 15″ and 17″. Marking what is the return of the ‘Pro’ laptop with a large screen. (Since Apple ‘killed’ the 17 “model in 2012.)

In addition, the analyst also states that Apple will allow the use of 32GB of RAM in the 13 “model. All to enable content creators and creative professionals to use more demanding applications in memory consumption.

We have a 31.6 “Apple Display and 6K resolution on the way!

The popular analyst and ‘Leaker’ of Apple information, further suggests that we have a new Apple Display monitor on the way. With a generous 31.6 “in size and the super-resolution of 6K.

The launch should happen in the second or third quarter of the year! And the connection will be made by Thunderbolt 3. (thus allowing the current users of MacBook Pro and MacBook Air notebooks to connect only one cable, greatly increasing their productivity.)

If Apple does not know, Apple has decided not to increase the resolution of its products, beyond the 5K barrier.

So this launch would mark a small innovation on the company’s screens. However, it should cost a small fortune, as is customary.

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