The 7 best virtual reality apps for iPhone

When it comes to finding VR apps in the App Store, there are several, but frankly, many simply do not bring a good virtual reality experience. With that in mind, we’ve listed the best iPhone virtual reality apps.

Virtual reality glasses are no longer new; They have been in the market for a few years. But unfortunately, iPhone users will have to wait for a few more years, even though we know the company has been experimenting with the technology for years. But, that does not mean you have to expect to have iGlasses in order to enjoy virtual reality applications on your iPhone.

You do not have to wait for Apple-produced VR glasses because there are several iPhone-compatible virtual reality devices, and they work perfectly on the iOS system. Whether it’s a Google Cardboard or a slightly more premium device like the Zeiss VR One, you can enjoy an immersive experience on your iPhone with no problems.

What will make the VR glasses work in fact are the virtual reality applications, and that is where the question of the iOS system comes in. Not all VR apps are available in the App Store, but there are several that are there, and you can download on your iPhone.

iPhone Virtual Reality Applications

Here are listed the top 7 VR apps for your iPhone in 2019:

1. Google Cardboard

The first application you should download to use with your VR glasses on the iPhone is the official Google Cardboard application. The best feature of the app is that it helps you set up and learn more about any compatible VR glasses.

There are a number of other RV experiences to take advantage of here. In Urban Hike, you can stroll through iconic cities around the world. For a cooler experience, an Arctic Journey allows you to fly around the Tundra, create a flower garden and enjoy the Northern Lights.

Download on the App Store  (free)

2. YouTube

If you have a VR glasses, YouTube VR cannot miss on your iPhone. With 360-degree videos becoming increasingly popular, you now have the experience of being in the video clip of your favorite artist.

In addition, the main YouTube app has a VR mode, which allows you to do both: enjoy 360-degree videos in full virtual reality or watch normal videos in VR.

Download on the App Store  (free)

3. Orbulus

It’s not just videos that can be transformed into VR – Orbulus shows how images can take on a new dimension. The virtual environment of the application allows you to explore a variety of 360 ° photospheres, in which you can visit the crust of Mars, make Glastonbury Tor, see the New Year fireworks in the port of Hong Kong, among other adventures.

Download on the App Store (free)

4. Hangar VR

Bringing the history of aviation to your iPhone, the VR Hangar features the National Air and Space Museum in Smithsonian. The app offers a unique look to bring some of the museum’s most impressive artifacts to your smartphone.

For example, you can watch astronauts board the Apollo 11 command module in Columbia, or see the spacecraft orbited the moon, and finally re-enter your re-entry to Earth safely.

Download on the App Store  (free)

5. VirtualSpeech

Fortunately, VirtualSpeech can help you hone your public speaking skills – the application puts you on a virtual stage with a virtual crowd where you can practice your speech or presentation in front of an audience and have the feeling that has real people in front of you. Your movements and sounds are fully customizable, so you can increase distractions and virtual judgment as much as possible. And at the end of your virtual speeches, the application will analyze and mark your verbal and non-verbal communication.

You can also add your own slides to your virtual presentation, practice for a job interview, learn how to network and sell in a wide variety of sales situations.

Most people use virtual reality to have fun. But VirtualSpeech is one of the first VR apps that can really train you to become a better professional.

Download on the App Store (free)

6. Discovery VR

Have you ever wanted to swim with sharks? Or playing with the pandas? Well, with the Discovery VR app you can have that feeling. When you put VR glasses on, the application plunges you into the habitat of different animals in wild and urban landscapes. This is the most fun way to learn about science, and it is a great tool for school children.

Download on the App Store (free)

7. Littlstar VR Video Network

If you are looking for VR videos to try on your VR glasses, Littlstar is an excellent choice. The app features virtual reality and augmented reality videos from big names like Disney, Syfy, Discovery Channel, among others. You can also find videos in different categories such as travel, sports, lifestyle, and others.

Just touch the screen or use the internal gyroscope to control the video. You can also save your favorite videos and share content on your social networks.

Download in the App Store (Free)

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