Best Sites to download PC games for Free

Sites to download PC games: here are the best sites where to find free PC games. Best sites check for crack and to download free PC games

Searching and finding the best PC game crackers on Google is not so difficult: just do a search and lots of websites appear.

The problem is that often these sites make you download viruses, malware and sometimes crack that doesn’t even exist yet. Finding a trusted download site is very difficult. Many cases when the game has finished downloading, it turns out that the file is incomplete or even has an error. Therefore we have tried to compile a list of sites that will help you to download games without errors or any other problems.

Download free PC games

In short, that of Windows PC game cracks is a bit of a complicated world, but thanks to our indications you will be able to download the best Windows PC cracks in a simple, fast and absolutely safe way.

That said, you just have to waste time and go straight to the point.

Check if the PC game crack exists

The first thing to do is to check if the crack for the PC game you are looking for exists or not.

It makes no sense to waste hours and hours looking for a crack for a game if it does not actually exist. Better to understand immediately if the crack was released or not by the main world hacker groups.

To do this there is an Internet site very well done, which is constantly updated and allows you to find out if the crack PC you are looking for has been released or not.

The site is this:

Using it is easy: go to home, search for the game that interests you, and in two seconds you will know if the crack has been released or not.

  • If the crack is there, continue with the guide
  • If the crack is not there, stop as well: if it is not present on that site, the crack does not exist. Everything you find online will not work or will be viruses, malware or even worse

I also point out that the site allows you to “follow” a specific game so that you can automatically receive a notification as soon as the crack for the game you are interested in is released. This way you can avoid wasting time each day searching for the crack or checking if it was released: when it is available, you will be the first to know.

Sites to download free games for PC

If the crack for the game you’re interested in actually exists, now we have to move on to the download of the crack itself and maybe the game.

Crack alone is of little use: it is also necessary to download the game to start having fun. Here are best sites to download games.


PC game lovers must know this site. Because Skidrow is one of the most complete and free paid game download sites that offers a large selection of PC games full version, reloaded, offline & online. The appearance of this site seems serious thanks to the selection of black as the dominant color and war games as background images add to the impression of action from this site.

Although there are various game genres offered by Skidrow, this site is not updated well enough so that it does not provide up to date features for its visitors. In addition, another drawback of Skidrow is that there are too many pop up ads that appear when we open this site.

Ocean of Games

This website is almost similar to Skidrow, where there are many full version PC games for free. The site, developed by Ocean Software, provides a connection feature through a community forum where all players can meet new people and chat, even when playing games.

This website also provides features that can challenge other players automatically, whether friends or strangers who happen to be online at the same time, so that it can increase the fun of playing to the maximum level, it’s fun, isn’t it?

The advantage of OceanofGames is not many advertisements appear when opens this website so that it adds to our comfort when hunting PC games for download. However, the drawback of Ocean of Games is that some individuals use community forums to harass and harm other players and there is no serious action taken by the Ocean of Games on the issue.


For this one site, you should try to visit it. Because ApunkaGames provides many full version PC games and RIP that are complete and can be downloaded for free. There are also next gen games to light PC games. One thing that distinguishes ApunkaGames with other offline or online game download sites, we can quickly find a game that is quite light for our computer or laptop.

ApunkaGames make mediafire as a storage area of their game, so the download speed of the game each unquestionable. For procedures for downloading they also provide tutorials using a video and writing that will certainly make it easier for you.

Ova Games

Ova Games is arguably one of the fairly old pirated game distribution websites. Ova Games site itself provides a variety of game genres ranging from PC action games to visual novel games that you can download and play offline or online.

One of the advantages of Ovagames is the Facebook fans page that they attach to their own websites to interact with their users, who are concerned with what game requests to upload later to help gamers overcome problems during game installation or website visits.

Cracked Game

On this website we can not only download games, but can also download cracked software for free. The advantage of the Cracked Game websites is the Chat feature that is directly connected to Discord. In terms of PC appearance, this website is quite serious, where we can see catalogs in a modern way compared to other free online and offline game download websites. It’s just that there are still pop up ads that interfere with comfort when opening this website.

Free PC games to download complete

As you can imagine, those listed above are without a doubt the best sites in the world to search, find and download PC crack games and of course also Windows PC games. All for free.


That’s all for this article.

We saw together where to look for crack for Windows PC games, how to download these crack, and above all where and how to download free PC games from the web in a completely safe way.

I just have to wish you fun!

If you need help, have doubts or concerns, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comment box below and we will try to help you as soon as possible!

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