The best portable Apps that you must keep on your USB stick

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Best portable programs to use on the Windows PC and to keep on a USB key. Best portable programs without installation for USB keys (Windows)

Portable Programs: the best to keep on the USB stick

Best Portable Programs

In this article, we will see the complete list of the best portable programs to put in a USB key and usable, without installation, on any PC with a Windows operating system.

As always, we will try to keep this article up-to-date in order to recommend only the best portable programs, only the really well-made and indispensable ones to keep on hand on your USB key to use with any computer or Windows PC.

That said, without further ado, let’s see what are the best portable programs we have chosen for you. For each program you will find:

  • first name
  • image
  • short description
  • download link

Obviously, if you know other worthy portable apps that are not present in the list, just leave a comment at the end of the article to let us know the name of the program; we’ll try it and add it to the list.

That said, here are the best portable apps that should not be installed but that you should always carry with you. 

Essential Portable Programs

1. Search Everything

Portable Programs: the best to keep on the USB stick

It is, as can easily be guessed, a program that allows you to search on Windows. Personally, I think that the management of the search on Windows with the native tool is very bad, which is why I strongly suggest to try this program, which searches (and finds) much faster files of any type, even the hidden ones and that usually Windows search hard to find. And then it’s much faster and faster in research.


2. Notepad ++

Portable Programs: the best to keep on the USB stick

Even here we can easily understand what we are dealing with: a professional and very powerful notepad, useful for taking notes, but not only. It is perfect for editing texts, managing the various .config files of games and programs or emulators and more. As in the previous case, it is clearly better and more complete than the original Windows. Especially recommended to developers thanks to dedicated features.


3. Google Chrome

I think there is no need for presentations here: it is the best Internet browser for me, here in a portable version to use on all Windows PCs directly from your flash drive.


4. 7-Zip

Portable Programs: the best to keep on the USB stick

Here we are dealing instead with the best program to manage archives and zip or RAR files. It is a convenient and powerful tool that allows you to extract archived or zipped files, but also to zip and compress files and folders, all in a simple, clear and fast way from a USB stick.



A fantastic open source image editor that you always need to have with you. We can describe it as a kind of free version of Photoshop for the features it offers. It is simple to use, immediate, intuitive, full of features for both novice users and experienced users. If you are dealing with graphics, this program must be present on your USB stick to carry with you at all times. Less experienced users will have to get a little used to its features and its interface, but after you start using it, you won’t do it for less.


If you want the version of Photoshop Portable to download for free, read this article:

  • Where to download Adobe Photoshop CC Portable?

6. VLC Media Player

Portable Programs: the best to keep on the USB stick

Even here you don’t need many presentations: it is the best program to manage video files and multimedia files of any format. If there is a video that is not played or opened on the Windows PC, with VLC you will be able to open it. It is compatible with all the formats of the world, it is light and very easy to use. It is simply the best video player, proposed here as a portable version.


7. LastPass

Portable Programs: the best to keep on the USB stick

Not everyone uses programs like this, but personally, I find it very useful. It is a password manager, which stores and secures all your passwords, inserts them when necessary and creates new ones that are very strong and secure. If you still belong to those users who use the same password on all the sites, I strongly suggest you STOP NOW and switch to programs like this to keep your data and files safe.


8. CCleaner

Portable Programs: the best to keep on the USB stick

Here too you don’t need a long presentation: it is the best program to keep your Windows PC clean and efficient. With time, as you well know, the PC accumulates dirt, unused files, “ghost” files that remain on the hard disk and take up space or slow down the system. With CCleaner, you only need one click to clean up, speed up and optimize your Windows PC. The program takes care of analyzing PC problems, finding programs that slow it down, junk files that take up space in the memory and no longer serve anything, and in total autonomy cancels and optimizes everything. If some friends call you because their PC is too slow, has run out of hard disk space or has other problems with Windows, with this program you can solve most of them quickly and automatically. A must-have!


9. LibreOffice

Portable Programs: the best to keep on the USB stick

And here too the presentations are almost superfluous: it is the free and portable version of Microsoft Office. It allows you to conveniently and free manage all Office files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint ..), with the difference that in comparison to the Microsoft program where everything is much lighter and totally free. If you often deal with Office documents but don’t want to pay a license to Microsoft, this is the solution for you!


If you want the free version of Microsoft Office Portable, read this article:


These, at the moment, are the best portable programs you MUST have on your USB key. 

If you download and install these programs on your USB key, you can almost always have everything you need to manage your Windows PC and its problems.

As already mentioned, if you think something is missing, just tell us the name of the program in the comments at the end of the article, we’ll try it and add it to the list.


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