10 Best online paint games for iPhone and Android

We are already accustomed to accessing social networks in free time or at short breaks to relax and stay current. Although this is our intention, the truth is that we are increasingly stressed with the endless fights on the internet. Experts recommend exercise applications to relax, but not everyone is willing to go to the gym. So how about swapping them for some online paint games?

These little games and apps serve as old coloring books. Rather than expose yourself in discussions on the networks, you might as well connect one of these apps and make your own works of art. Even if you have no talent for it.

Drawing, painting, and coloring can do as much effect to lessen your stress as a download in journal applications, for example. Since not everyone likes to leave their emotions recorded in writing, perhaps these games allow you to express yourself and relax without risking exposure.

It is worth remembering that most of these online paint games allow you to download what you drew. Did you like a drawing and want to edit it or continue the work on the computer? Just move the images from the phone to the PC and continue the work.

With that in mind, check out our complete list of online paint games for Android or iPhone!

1. Artflow

The first application on the list is one of the most used by those who like to draw, be they portraits or house plans. ArtFlow is free and can be used both to paint pictures and to do serious artwork.

Creating and editing images, including, is one of the best options to work on Internet.

Click the link to download Artflow on Android.

10 online paint games for iPhone and Android

2. Kids Paint Free

If the intention is not to make art, but let your little ones “make art”, Kids Paint Free may be a better choice. This little game allows children to draw and paint lightly.

The commands are fairly simple and will not require controls for Android so they can be played. Use your two fingers to draw a straight line, swing your cell phone to turn off the screen, for example.

Drawings created in Kids Paint Free can be shared on Facebook or other social media. The app is also unique for Android and can be downloaded via the link.

3. Paint By Number

Of the first three options, this is one of the most recommended among online paint games. Paint By Number carries the coloring books to the screen of your cell phone. You can almost also enter our list of apps to relax.

The game consists of choosing an image from your collection – that is, ideal for those who just want to color! And follow the colors indicated by the numbers in each section of the drawing.

That is, Paint By Number makes you focus exclusively on the part of coloring the drawing. You do not have to think about color if you do not want to. The game features drawings of various themes and has its collection renewed frequently.

The best: You can download Paint By Number on both Android and iPhone!

10 online paint games for iPhone and Android

4. Paint.ly

Following the same line as Paint By Number, Paint.ly is also one of the online paint games that resemble the classic coloring books. It also has its own collection with several themes, pleasing to all types of users.

You also get the colors to paint with, divided by a numbered section. Your collection also receives frequent updates and can share your colorings in social media.

Paint.ly is also available in the Google Play and App Store. The app brings shopping within the app. This way, you will know how to purchase items in Paint.ly without spending money or resorting to piracy!

5. Colorfy

There is no shortage of online paint games inspired by the coloring books. Colorfy is an example of this.

While following the premise of the two previous apps, it gives you more freedom to choose the colors you will use in your colorations. That is, no numbered sectors at the time of coloring the drawings.

It is worth remembering that Colorfy also brings a collection with several themes, with the recent arrival of a carnival theme. You can also share your colorations in messaging apps and social networks. You can also download them to your phone.

Have you thought about downloading your biggest creations and using a video editing application with photos and putting together a presentation? The tip is!

You can colorize with Colorfy on Android or iPhone.

10 online paint games for iPhone and Android

6. Kid Paint

One of the most app-rated online painting games in the App Store, Kid Paint impresses with its 5-star rating, the most that can be achieved in the iPhone app store.

This application is similar to the ones we mentioned so far, but with the difference being more adapted to the children. It brings about 10 different types of brushes. But you do not have to worry: they are designed almost randomly, adjusting to the coloring of the little colore.

Kid Paint has its own collection but allows you to use images from your gallery so that the child can also color photos or drawings from outside the app.

Download Kid Paint on your iPhone or iPad by following the link.

7. Colorme

Going back to the digital coloring books for adults, we have Colorme. He is one of the few who also allows you to draw, even if it is not the focus. Your creations can even be used to create WhatsApp cards!

In the coloring area, the app allows you to choose the colors to paint the designs of your collection, which also follows different themes. Colorme also allows you to share your paintings online.

Download the app on Google Play from Android or the iPhone App Store!

8. Garden Coloring Book

The Garden Coloring Book is one of the few online paint games that follow only one theme. The app brings coloring pictures using nature as a theme. If you like plants, the application is a full plate for you.

10 online paint games for iPhone and Android

The collection brings plants, flowers, insects and various animals. You are free to choose the colors you will use, and you can experiment by mixing them on the screen.

Click the link to download the Garden Coloring Book on Android.

9. Color Therapy

Another among the apps most appraised in the App Store, Color Therapy received a rating of 4.6 stars in the service. One of the main reasons is their own community, which allows them to exchange colorations and interact with other users.

In addition, this app has one of the largest collections among the online paint games of this list. According to his page, he brings over 5000 coloring pictures, following all kinds of themes. It also brings an extensive color palette, constantly updated.

Find out more about Color Therapy by downloading it through the link!

10. Recolor

Closing our list with paint games online on Android and iPhone, we have the Recolor. This app also has an extensive collection of multi-thematic coloring images. In addition, you can also use different types of pencil, brush or chalk, as if you were coloring a physical notebook.

Your collection is constantly updated with new coloring pictures. Recolor can be downloaded on both Android and iPhone.

If you need help, have doubts or concerns, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comment box below and we will try to help you as soon as possible!

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