12 Best free games that has just arrived in the Google Play Store

It’s time to look a bit at the Google Play Store and see what’s new in the store. Today we’ll look at games and the latest to reach the Google Play Store.

This is a list I like to do because it gives me a new insight into what is just out of the oven. It is true that sometimes we have bugs, but most of the time the games are relevant and give an extra value to your smartphone.

This is the kind of games that leaves me entertained for a week until I have a new list. At certain times there comes a game that makes me more stuck than normal. It was in this list that we first heard PUBG Mobile and it is in today’s list that we have a game that is worth to be installed.

The metal Slug is one of the mandatory games in the list of downloads

“Metal Slug Infinity” has arrived in the Google Play Store and promises to stick to the screen for an infinite time. There were many coins I spent in the cafe to have the possibility to play this game. Now it’s free and it may be in your pocket. Metal Slug marks a time and its games with bad graphics are the most nostalgic passion.

However, the dose is not to be left here. We have a Battle Royal of tanks or even a game with a fantastic quality of golf. They’re all free on the Google Play Store, and they all promise to keep you entertained.

Since you are installing new Apps on your smartphone you will also like to have our Techkhiladi application that you also have on the list. An App that will make you never lose these lists again.

New Free Games on the Google Play Store that are worth knowing and installing

Metal Slug Infinity: Idle Tap Game & Retro 2D RPG

Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth

The VideoKid

Aldarix the Battlemage (Roguelike)

Arena of Evolution: Red Tides

Ailment (not released)

Doors & Rooms: Escape game

Fireballz: Lava Labyrinth

PGA TOUR Golf Shootout

Ragdoll Rage: Heroes Arena

Block Shooter!


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