11 Best Music Keyboard Apps for Android and iPhone

Most people are interested in learning a musical instrument eventually, but this can be expensive and laborious. Fortunately, there are many applications that emulate instruments very well, both for those who just want to pass the time and for those who really want to learn in a more practical way. In the case of pianos and keyboards, for example, this can be done through the touch screen of Android devices and iPhones. To get to know some of the best music keyboard apps for smartphone types, just check out our list below!


1. Piano Melody Free

The Piano Melody Free is an excellent app for musical keyboards. One of its advantages is that it can be customized in several ways, including the size of the keys.

Other than that, it has multi-touch support, which brings a more authentic experience to anyone who wants to learn how to play the instrument. There are hundreds of songs available that you can play, many of which are in the free version of the app. You can download it through the link.

2. Pianist HD: Piano +

Pianist HD: Piano + is a popular music application among Android users. The cool thing about it is that you can change some settings depending on your skill level with the instrument.

This not only helps the beginners but is also great for increasing the level gradually. Other than that, there are millions of songs available that you can download directly into the app to learn to play. You can download it through the link.

3. Perfect Piano

Perfect Piano is one of the best music keyboard apps you’ll find on Android. He is especially indicated to those who do not have much knowledge of the instrument and want to start learning.

It features the traditional 88 piano keys and still features several different sound effects, simulating various keyboard types. You can download it through the link.

4. Piano Lessons

The Piano Lessons is another great app for learning the basics about piano, but this version is especially suitable for children. The app has several classic songs and children, a good mix to keep the attention of the small students.

The look of the app itself is also very colorful but can be changed depending on the taste of the child. You can download the app through the link.

5. Piano

This application offers a little bit of everything, so ends up being suitable for anyone interested in keyboards or pianos. It has basic lessons, has a game mode and even allows you to play freely whatever you prefer.

There are many songs available that you can play with, but there are also scores for those who already have some theoretical knowledge. Other than that, it has no less than 8 different keyboard types. You can download it through the link .

6. Piano Lessons Beethoven

For those who enjoy classical music, the Piano Lessons Beethoven is a wonderful option. As the name says, there are many Beethoven songs that you can learn and play.

The app itself is more focused on this composer, so you will not find so much variety in it. Still worth a try. click on the link to download it.


7. Real Piano

Real Piano is a very complete application that emulates the sounds and effects of more than 20 different instruments. It turns out to be more suitable for those who already have knowledge of piano and want something to play more freely.

The cool thing is that you can use the app to record the songs you play, and you can share the result later. Click the link to download the app.

8. Magic Piano

Magic Piano is very popular on the iPhone, as it looks a lot like a music game and offers well-known songs. You can use it to learn some basic keyboard or simply to have fun in the off hours.

The cool thing is that you will earn points depending on your performance in each song, so you even have to compete with friends who also use the app. Download the app through the link.

9. 3D Piano

Piano 3D is another app that can be used in several ways. Besides allowing you to play in a casual way, there is also a free mode for those who want to practice and some lessons for those who are learning.

Other than that, it has multi-touch support, so it’s great for anyone who does not like to play just one key at a time. You can download it through the link.

10. Piano by Gismart

Piano by Gismart is one of the very interesting music keyboard apps for anyone who wants to learn piano on the iPhone. In addition to teaching the user in musical game format, it still has support for 3D Touch technology.

This means that it better recognizes the type of ring you play on each key, whether it’s something lighter or firmer. You can click on the link to download it.

11. Piano by Yokee

Piano by Yokee is one of the best music keyboard apps for anyone looking for something more eclectic. In this case, it counts with both classical songs and other recent and very popular songs.

The best is new songs are often added, so there is a lot of variety. Another interesting factor is that you can can share the songs you played on social networks and dispute the score with your friends. You can download the app through the link .

12. Tiny Piano

Tiny Piano is a very interesting app that offers many songs for free to its users. There are hundreds of songs currently being offered so it’s great for its variety.

Other than that, it is worth mentioning that all these songs can have their level of difficulty changed depending on their level of knowledge and ability. Click the link to download the app.

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