7 Best free and offline games on the Google Play Store

Sometimes we want to play and not be bothered with notifications of all kinds. Of course, you can turn on airplane mode and disconnect from the world but what if the game needs Internet access?

That’s why today we show you 7 free games that do not require an Internet connection to play. These offline games gather good ratings on the Play Store to install them at will.

Clumsy Ninja


Tower Boxing


Smash the Office – Stress Fix!


Are you tired of office life? Smash the Office is for you. It enters the skin of a frustrated employee who has decided to pick up all kinds of guns and blow up everything in the office. Part chairs, tables, sofas, cabinets, lockers, and even the water fountain.

Punch Hero


This game combines boxing strategy with graphics in American cartoon mix with anime. Fight against various boxers with the goal of becoming the world champion.

Jetpack Joyride


Punch Quest


We loved the retro style of Punch Quest. The sound effects are of the most satisfactory level when you bust with skeletons, bats and all kinds of monsters with your fists. It would not be a good game without the RPG component where you gain experience and make upgrades to your character.



Probably the most popular mobile zombie game ever, Dead Trigger 2 remains a solid choice for a few hours of fun. Enter the infected city, collect weapons and items and, above all, survive!

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