4 Best file managers Applications for Windows

Often, locating a file on your computer becomes a more complicated task than you might expect. Fortunately, Windows has an efficient tool that is the “File Manager”, essential in almost all devices and whose absence always causes more headache.

The native Windows file manager, called Windows Explorer, works great, but sometimes we can search for something else.

That is why we have indicated some of the alternatives that we consider most interesting for this tool that we use almost every day.


It offers almost all the functions we can expect in an application of this type and offers the advantage of having a very simple interface without complicated options.

We can use it to find files on our Windows computer or on any other drive that we are physically or networked on. In searches, we can make use of different filters and indexing.

Download | WizFile

Explorer ++

The second in the list responds to the Explorer ++ name. It is a file explorer or manager that allows the use of different tabs simultaneously to improve and optimize the searches.

We can move or copy folders or files between tabs, as well as combine files, safely erase or split them. To improve safety, it also offers the option to lock the guides and thus avoid unwanted accidents.

Download | Explorer ++


Another free file explorer for Windows. One of the most accessible alternatives in terms of use, the tool allows finding any file or folder in our computer thanks to an elementary, but effective interface.

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