18 Best features of Gmail you should know right now

Gmail turned, In this time it has managed to consolidate itself as one of the best email platforms (so much so that virtually everyone has a Gmail account, either to use as primary email, in Android, Google Drive, connect to other applications, etc.) and has accumulated several interesting functions that help the user to improve their personal and professional experience. That’s why we’ve listed some of those “hidden” Gmail features for you to explore and leverage their use on the platform.


A recent update has made it easier to manage your emails. Just right-click on an email and there are several alternatives to do with it (delete, reply, forward, move, etc.).

Drag mail to move

For some time now, Gmail has come up with the standard “Main”, “Social” and “Promotions” tabs (in which emails that should not go there are often adventurous). What you need to know is that to exchange a category email, simply drag it there. The advantage is that Google asks if it should do this with future messages from the same sender.

Use Google Artificial Intelligence to write your emails

Smart Compose was released in 2018. To activate it, simply go to “Settings”, “General” and check the “Enable writing suggestions” option. You will see that he makes suggestions as you write the emails.

Enable confidential mode

This email will explode in 5 seconds … Ok, that’s not exactly how things work in the real world. The truth is that with Gmail’s confidential mode, you can set an expiration date for the email, set a password to open or remove the forwarding options for third parties. In order for the recipient to receive the password by SMS, you need to provide the person’s phone number.

Filter notifications

No one deserves to receive a notification on the cell phone about an email every time a friend of Facebook posts a photo, right? Gmail allows you to filter notifications and receive only those that are rated as “high priority.”

To edit, open the Gmail app, click settings, choose the account, and search for “Notifications.” Then you can set which emails to receive a notification for.

Offline access to email

Everyone knows the difficulty of being offline these days, especially a workaholic (also known as a human being who does not get off work and who checks the email every second). The Gmail allows you to access an offline version with the emails that were in the cache Chrome.

To test, go to “mail.google.com” when your computer is offline. But before that, you need to activate the feature by clicking on “Settings” and then the “Offline” tab. You can also set the frequency with which synchronization occurs. It is worth noting that he warns that ” You are offline. Some features may be unavailable. “When you are without internet.

Color your stars

Yellow star is not the only standard available in Gmail, which allows you to use 12 different symbols (6-color stars and other symbols). To activate, you must go to “Settings” and search for “Stars” in the “General” tab.

Click on “all-stars” and then, just shine. Do not forget to save the settings at the bottom of the page! When you mark an email, just click other times on the star as it changes the symbol.

Toggle preview

You can switch the display to “standard”, “regular” or “compact”. Just click on the settings icon and then on “Display Density”.

Link other email accounts

In the modern world, everyone usually has more than one email account (even if it is for random site registration). Gmail allows you to aggregate other accounts and gets the same protection against spam and classification. To do this, simply go to “Settings”, the “Accounts and Import” tab and “Import messages and contacts”.

Save attachments directly to Google Drive

You can save attachments directly to Drive without having to store them on your computer before (which is especially useful on public computers). Just hover over the attachment and click the Google Drive icon. If it is more than one attachment, the icon also appears on the right side with the option to download everything to Drive at once.

Use the side panel features

In the Gmail sidebar, you can have direct access to Calendar, Notes, Tasks and still install other add-ons. This is very handy when you receive an email about a meeting, for example, and you want to quickly add to the calendar without opening another tab.

Refine the search for emails

Nothing worse than looking for an e-mail lost in that myriad of messages that you do not erase, do you? The Gmail makes the search simpler by allowing you to do a more refined search, informing not only subject/sender as well as the words contained, size, date (within a range), it had an attached or not and more.

To do this, simply click the “Show search options” arrow in the search bar. The search window will open and you can refine your search with the data you know.

Translate your emails

Gmail allows you to make translations of e-mails, which can greatly simplify life. Just click on the translation icon and, if necessary, adjust the language.

Auto forward

Auto-advance allows you to move to the next message when the current message is moved to the trash, skipped or archived. To activate it, go to “Settings”, the “Advanced” tab, click “activate” and then save the changes. There you can also activate other features, such as keyboard shortcuts, automatic replies, etc.

Label the emails

Putting labels on everything can be an addiction when you get a little fissured by the organization. However, once you begin to label your emails and create the custom, it is almost impossible to go without. In Gmail, in addition to adding bookmarks, you can add secondary bookmarks.

To do this, create a bookmark by clicking the last icon on the left side menu. Then, right-click on the three dots that appear on the right and click on “Add Submariner”.

Change in-app email synchronization

If you want to save space on your mobile phone, simply change the synchronization of emails. To do this, click settings, choose the account and search for “Data usage”. Then click “Email days to sync”. In the case of Android, the range is from 1 to 999 days.

Set a longer time to undo the sending of emails

Do you know when you just sent an email and remember that you forgot to write something? Gmail lets you undo sending. You need to go to “Settings” in the “General” tab and change the “Cancel Send” time. The problem is that this time can only be between 5 and 30 seconds.

Customize your Gmail

You can make Gmail more fun by customizing the look. Just click the Settings icon and then “Themes”. So, just choose Themes and save. It has themes for all tastes.

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