The 11 best drawing and painting apps for Android

Smartphones and tablets can become real desktops for anyone who likes to draw freely. Through the many apps available on Google Play, you can remake free-hand faces, create paintings, and whatever else your creativity allows.

Of course, things get much easier when you have a stylus, but that does not mean you can not do great work with your finger. We’ve made a selection of 11 apps for you to try out on your smartphone and tablet and play a lot with creative designs.

The 11 best Android drawing and painting apps

1. ArtFlow

ArtFlowis one of the most complete and incredible programs for you to draw. It has over 70 different brush and tool options so you can turn your ideas into unique creations.

2. Painter Mobile

Painter Mobile>is another program of its kind that features a number of affordable cutting tools, account-counters, brushes, erasers, and more. You can import photos and work with more than 20 different layers.

3. Silk Paints

Silk Paints offers a “magic brush” so you can draw and create amazing figures in a simple way. Your creations can come to life and flip up animated wallpapers for your smartphone.

The 11 best Android drawing and painting apps

4. SketchBook Express

SketchBook Express is from Autodesk, a renowned company that creates design software. The program offers unique drawing features plus a number of interesting tools to create high quality and professional looking designs.

5. Kaleidoo Paintor

Kaleidoo Paintor is more of a fun app than drawing itself, but it deserves to be on this list. It offers ten types of brushes and eight different kaleidoscopes for you to create unique compositions quite easily.

6. LayerPaint

As its name suggests, LayerPaint is an application capable of supporting several different layers. In addition, it features professional, user-friendly tools that will allow you to create complex designs with their various tools.
The 11 best Android drawing and painting apps

7. Clover Paint

Clover Paint is a relatively expensive application for Play Store standards, but it offers one of the most complete and intuitive tools to create a variety of designs, including sophisticated brushes and the layer system.

8. Sand Draw Free

Creating drawings in the sand is a recurring activity for certain people and Sand Draw Free will allow you to do this directly on the screen of your device. There is not much secret here: drag your finger across the screen and create super-funky compositions.

9. Sketch Master

Sketch Master is a painting and drawing program with a large amount of tools, great zoom capability, import and export features of drawings, text insertion and much more, very simple and diversified use.

The 11 best Android drawing and painting apps

10.My Paints

My Paints is geared more towards children but can be used by adults as well, thanks to its large amount of user-friendly design tools. Create powerful and fun compositions for you to relax in without worrying about precision.

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