4 Best DJ apps to turn your phone into a sound desk

If you like music and have always wanted to be a DJ, even for a hobby, you can bring that gift to light, thanks to the wide variety of applications that transform your Android phone or tablet into a complete mixer.

If you do not know which DJ applications are there for Android, do not worry: here are four apps suggestions that turn your mobile phone into a decent desktop.

This is the most downloaded DJ application on Google Play, with more than 10 million downloads. Its great popularity comes from being free but offers integrated purchases ranging from $ 3.67 to $ 330.

The Edjing Mix has a table with double plates to make the mix of the discs (audio, in the case of the smartphone) and with five free effects (the remaining 12 are paid, $ 8.29). It also has a recorder, equalizer, and Automix.

The free version is perfect for getting started, especially with your tutorial, which explains how it works and uses each tool. You can add more effects and samplers by buying the part inside the app.

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DJ Studio 5

DJ Studio 5 is another very downloaded DJ application from Google Play. In addition to free, there are only a few integrated purchases, totally optional, that serve to change the appearance of the table.

The DJ Studio 5 offers a two-plate mixer that lets you apply up to eight sound effects and loops in real time. You can also use up to 10 layers to add sounds over the music and equalizer to adjust the volume on several different frequencies.

You can record sessions, add multiple songs to your playlist, and use the auto-mixing feature to let the application make the music session.

Download DJ Studio 5

Cross DJ

We followed our selection with Cross DJ, the first professional DJ application that came to Android devices, which has a free version and another paid.

Cross DJ features a two-way mixer that, under a minimalist interface, offers 16 sound effects, loops, equalizer, session recording and playlist support in its free version.

To take advantage of Automix and the Sampler, you have to pay $ 20.80 to purchase the full version or you can opt for separate purchases of items within the app, ranging from $ 4.10 to $ 12.49.

Download Cross DJ

DiscDj 3D

Finally, DiscDj 3D is the best-rated Android DJ app on Google Play, with a 4.5-star rating. It’s free and your only integrated purchase costs $ 9.14 and serves to remove ads.

DiscDj 3D stands out by offering a dual-disc mixer under a three-dimensional interface. It has the most basic options for making our mixes, like applying six effects, creating loops, adding samples and using your equalizer to adjust the volume at different frequencies.

Download DiscDj 3D

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