11 Best Apps to Manage contacts for iPhone and Android

It’s a lot easier to keep all your contacts in one place now since smartphones have simplified that. Still, it can be annoying to deal with duplicate and old contacts on the native Android or iPhone interface. The good news is that there are many applications to manage contacts and keep customers of your business clean and easy to find. This option is ideal for those who have their customer base in the contacts. If you are interested, you can check out some of our top suggestions in the list below.

1. Google Contacts

To start our list, we have Google Contacts. It is already used on many Android devices and ends up being extremely useful for managing contacts. It’s quite easy to view all your contacts, find possible duplicates and update information.

The best thing is that this can be done on your smartphone or directly in the internet browser on your PC. The app is free and can be checked through the link.

All your contacts are saved “in the cloud”. That is, even if you switch devices, simply log in to your account and all contacts will be available.

2. Cloze Relationship Manager

The Cloze Relationship Manager is quite different, but also very useful for those who want something more complete. He serves as a true personal assistant to someone who has many contacts and needs help to deal with them.

You can, for example, make important notes about each contact. This includes birthdays, future appointments, where you met the person, etc. To check the app, just click on the link.

3. FullContact

FullContact is the perfect application for those who use multiple services and want to synchronize them in one place. Basically, you can get your email, iCloud, Microsoft, Google contacts, and leave everything organized in this app.

The best is that it can be used totally for free, but has even more features in the premium version. Click on the link to check out more about the app and see how some applications to manage your passwords, also ideal for those who use multiple services and seek to synchronize their passwords.

4. Smart Merge Pro

Smart Merge Pro is a great app for managing duplicate contacts on your smartphone. This happens a lot when you use a lot of different services on the same phone, especially with email apps and social networks.

This app can detect names, phone numbers and similar emails, for example. With this, it merges the contacts and the duplicates disappear. You can download the app on iPhone via the link.

5. Drupe

Drupe is one of the most popular applications for managing Android contacts but is also available for Apple mobile phones. It allows you to view your contacts with ease and to change information quickly.

6. Connect

Connect is for managing contacts in different categories. This makes it easier to separate which contacts are in your family, which are friends and which are professional contacts or members of your work team.

This is great in case you meet people with very similar names as well. You can still use Connect to send messages and make video and audio calls through other apps. Click the link to download it.

7. My Contacts Backup Pro

My Contacts Backup Pro is a great application for backing up your contacts, as the name already indicates very well. It synchronizes all contacts on your device and sends a file with them to your email.

The file in question can be read easily by any smartphone, which synchronizes the contacts directly into it. This is great for ensuring that your cell phone will change, for example. You can download app for free on iPhone via the link.

8. Addappt

Addappt is one of the applications to manage more complete smartphone contacts. It is one of the safest options on our list and keeps your users’ information totally confidential, ideal for those who have privacy as the criteria when choosing an app.

You can totally use it for free on both Android devices and iPhones. To download it, you just need to click the following link.

9. Smart Contact Manager

Smart Contact Manager is for managing contacts as well as backing up contacts. The difference is that this backup gets saved to your favorite cloud storage service and you can access it anytime, anywhere. The app is free and can be downloaded only on Android through the link.

10. Contacts Optimizer

As its name already makes clear, the Contacts Optimizer serves to optimize your contacts in the smartphone. It has many options, including merging duplicate contacts and synchronizing different service contracts.

It can be used for free but is only available for Android devices at the moment. You can download the application through the link.

11. Iconizer

Unlike most of the contact management applications we list, Iconizer works more as a facilitator. It allows you to create icons for your contacts by identifying them more easily in the list or on the home screen of your device. Check out more about the Iconizer in our review and download it for free on the iPhone.

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