The 20+ best Android apps which have now the dark mode feature

The list brings the best Android apps that have a dark mode separated by categories. Check out!

Nowadays it is very common that cell phones are used at any time, especially at night, when people just want to relax while they see something on the device. And here’s a catch: using your cell phone at night or in dimly lit environments can damage your eyesight because of the colors your apps use.

To minimize this, some applications choose to use dark or night mode. This function leaves the tool with more pleasant colors for this type of situation. Next, check out the list drawn by Techkhiladi with Android apps that offer the dark mode.

Messaging and social networking applications

Here are the unique applications for sending and receiving messages that have night mode. In addition to them, the list includes a social network, which is one of the few to offer this feature.

Facebook Messenger

The application has a night mode that changes the characteristic color of the background from white to black. It is worth remembering that, although Messenger has this option, the Facebook application continues with its traditional colors.

Telegram and Telegram X

It’s been a while since the night mode is being implemented in WhatsApp, but users do not have access to it or the beta. Already one of its biggest competitors has native night mode in all versions.

Google Messaging

Despite being an application developed by Google itself, few cell phones come with it installed. The tool is, in fact, a great option for those who are looking to better organize the messages received via SMS.


Twitter night mode has been around for a long time in the app. It has even undergone some changes to better suit those who use OLED screen.


The Play Store is full of browsers with differentiated mechanisms and features. However, they are not yet all that have the night mode option.

Google Chrome

The browser that already comes installed on all phones with Android also offers dark mode (which must be activated, which requires following a series of steps). In addition to changing interface colors, users can even change the color of websites.

Samsung Internet Browser

Like Chrome, Samsung Internet Browser also comes with night mode (and more intuitive activation method). Although developed by Samsung, the browser can be obtained by cell phones from other manufacturers in the Play Store.

File Browsers

In most cases, Android comes with different file explorers, which vary by manufacturer. The list of apps in the Play Store with night mode is a little scarce, but two programs stand out.

Ace Explorer

This solution is a very complete file manager option. It stands out for having a preview for various formats like images, music, videos, and PDFs.

Ez File Explorer

Another option is the Ez File Explorer. Unlike the competitor, it stands out for offering advanced features for those who need access to network or system files. Besides allowing to use the night mode, it allows changing the colors of elements individually.

Music Players

Another category that has many applications in the Play Store is that of music players. Among them, several options have support for themes, but few bring real dark or night themes.

Shuttle Music Player

This one stands out for having a very simple look: it presents the songs by album covers or artist photos. Its differential, however, is in themes: it offers the dark theme in gray or black, ideal for OLED screens.

Musicolet Music Player

This is a more complete option and has other features, such as music lyrics support and tag editor.


Another important category for those who have the habit of accessing different websites are the readers of the news. These solutions focus on facilitating this task.


Feedly is one of the most traditional RSS readers and is available on a variety of platforms. Fortunately, the mobile version of the service already has a well-implemented night mode.


Who reads the news through the browser, but likes to save them for later access can use the Pocket. It is a great choice for this task.

Other Google apps

Who has recently invested in night modes for their applications is Google. The company has some interesting options.


Its night mode was first offered to iPhone users.

Google Drive

The file storage service in the cloud has undergone a recent change in the visual while adopting Material Design. With it, came the possibility of using the dark mode.

Google Keep

This application, although not so popular, helps a lot who needs to organize the day to day tasks.

Google Maps

Another famous app that makes good use of the night mode is Google Maps, which offers information about places, and routes.

Google Calendar

One more application to help with day to day organization is Google Calendar. The tool helps the user to define the events that they want to participate in.


Although not installed on all Android devices, the Gboard is one of the most used virtual keyboards in the system. In addition to being able to use custom background images, the application also has a dark mode.

Google Calculator

One more application that does not come installed by default on Android. In addition to having the night mode option, it features advanced features such as doing scientific operations and storing results.

Other Apps


Anyone who uses Windows 10 may have already encountered EverNote and selected it as the standard application for notes and reminders. Also available for Android, you have several synchronization options and support for night mode.


Most people access Wikipedia directly from browser since their pages are easily found in several search engines. However, those who choose to use your app have access to some extra features, such as direct service searches, bookmarks, and even a night theme.


For those who like to play online on their cell phone or PC, Discord is a great choice for making voice calls.


Another tool for those who enjoy games is Twitch. The mobile app allows you to watch live match broadcasts.

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