Top 5 browsers for iPhone and iPad to use in 2019

Natively, the iPhone has the Safari browser. But thanks to the App Store, you have at your disposal many third-party browsers, which may work better than Safari on the iPhone.

Safari is one of the fastest browsers out there but it is far from perfect. There is no visual appeal and there are many features that would be present in any navigation application, but they are not found in Safari. For a more personalized experience, you have the option to download third-party applications. The App Store has several options for you if you are interested in downloading a new browser for iOS.

To help you choose the best browser for iPhone, we compile a list and also highlight the features of each application.

However, you can not change your default web browser on the iPhone, and all your email links and incoming links in messages will still be opened in Safari. But you can use these alternatives mentioned in Safari to make your browsing experience easier.

The best browsers for iOS in 2019

1.  Google Chrome
Top 5 browsers for iOS in 2019

Google Chrome is one of the best navigation apps available for Windows and Android devices. And the famous Google browser is also available for iOS devices.

You can access your tabs, bookmarks, and recent history opens on different devices by simply signing in with your Gmail ID. Not only is it popular for its outstanding multi-platform support, but it also offers perfect navigation.


  • Synchronization of data between platforms.
  • Quickly access previously visited pages.
  • The address bar also doubles as a search box on Google.
  • The landing page shows frequently visited pages and top sites.

Google Chrome for iOS includes advanced features for easy Internet browsing. It is the best iPhone browser application for those who like to work on multiple devices, running on different operating systems.

2.  Opera MiniTop 5 browsers for iOS in 2019

Opera Mini is a lightweight application that can run perfectly on different bandwidths. The speed of page loading in Opera Mini is very fast, and its compression function helps reduce data usage.

One of the best iOS browsers, Opera Mini was originally designed to minimize page load time and save data.

The main functionality of the application still remains the same, which is why it is preferred for many users who are worried about excessive data usage.


  • An integrated news feed that lets you find the most interesting news for you.
  • In addition, it comes with data-saving mode, which helps you navigate web pages faster, even on slow networks.
  • Private guides that allow you to browse the web without leaving a trace.
  • The Force Zoom option allows you to enlarge your web pages for better and more comfortable reading.
  • By using the Add to Home screen feature, you can add the favorite site directly to your home screen.

3.  Aloha Browser

Top 5 browsers for iOS in 2019

If privacy is your concern, there is no better option than using a VPN to browse for Internet. And the Aloha Browser for iPhone comes with a built-in VPN, which allows you to surf anonymously on Internet.

The application focuses on privacy and hides the users’ Internet footprints. The interface is very straightforward and was inspired by Google Chrome.


  • The app allows you to browse the web in an ad-free environment.
  • An embedded virtual reality player allows you to play virtual reality videos directly from the browser.
  • Videos play in the background even when you minimize the browser.

The Aloha Browser for iPhone does not register any activity, which is another reason to crown it as the best browser for iPhone in this world where our privacy is increasingly threatened.

There is also a paid version of the browser, called Aloha Premium, which comes with an even more advanced set of features. For people focused on privacy, Aloha Premium is an alternative to Safari.

4.  Dolphin

Top 5 browsers for iOS in 2019

The Dolphin application has many features that make it a great alternative to Safari. Tabbed browsing allows you to switch between pages with ease.

The application simplifies navigation with gestures, speed dialing, etc. There are several themes to choose from if you want to customize your browsing experience. It is a fast browsing application with security and customization.


  • Dolphin Gestures allows you to visit your favorite sites simply by drawing custom symbols on the screen.
  • The browser’s voice search functionality is totally accurate, which can be triggered simply by shaking the device.
  • You can tweet and share web pages on Facebook by the dedicated in-app option.
  • With speed dials, you can visit frequently accessed websites very easily.
  • The app has many themes to choose from.

Dolphin Mobile is free and one of the richest iPhone feature browsers available on the market. The feature set may have a rather large learning curve, but once you reach the domain, it has the potential to become your favorite browsing application.

 5. UC Browser

Top 5 browsers for iOS in 2019sa

Another powerful browser for Android and iOS devices is the UC Browser, well known for its speed and reliability. It uses state-of-the-art rendering compression technology on a server to provide fast navigation with less data usage. It’s available for free on the App Store. The UC Browser app also delivers high performance, with smooth animation features for amazing visuals and great navigation.

In addition, it includes the RSS reader, which helps you stay within your favorite news. The browser has cloud optimization technology, which loads web pages faster. The browser continually updates its features and improves its performance.


  • Provides faster web browsing speed than other mobile browsers.
  • It comes with the download manager, which allows you to download movies, videos, pictures, documents and anything directly from the browser.
  • UC Browser supports gesture navigation, which makes use faster and smoother.
  • Most Internet pages contain images, but sometimes you do not need to see them. With text-only mode, you can view text only on web pages.
  • Quick Access mode includes Facebook shortcuts, messages, and notifications, as well as a shortcut to writing a new status.
  • It comes with Ad Blocker, which helps block ads while you browse.
  • It also includes night mode, in-app widgets, and so on.

With this list, we hope you can choose the best browser to use on your iPhone. Choosing a browser depends largely on your interests and browsing patterns. Different iPhone browsers offer a different set of features. Some users prefer apps that focus on privacy, while others like to use apps that minimize data consumption. All of the iPhone browsers mentioned above can be downloaded for free from the App Store.

If you need help, have doubts or concerns, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comment box below and we will try to help you as soon as possible!

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