10 Best iPhone and iPad Keyboard Apps to type without errors and easily

The fact that the keyboard of the iPhone and iPad is kind of bland is already known, so much so that Apple even decided to make some changes to the latest versions of iOS. Still, there is always room to boost your keyboard, especially with special applications. Exactly so, we have prepared a neat list with some of the best keyboard apps for your iPhone and iPad. We include keyboards that offer a variety of stickers, emojis, and even writing research and prediction tools. Check it out below!

1. Gboard

The Gboard is the keyboard application by Google, being one of the best available in the market for both iOS smartphones and Android. It features emoji, GIFs, word prediction and stickers, as well as features that allow your users to search the search engine as they write to their contacts. Another super interesting feature of Gboard is typing by gestures, allowing you to quickly type words as you slide your finger over each letter.

It is available in over 50 languages and can even be used to check weather forecasts or scores of sports games on the keyboard itself. Pretty, right? You can download it for free via the link!

2. Hemingboard

The Hemingboard works similarly to Wonder, but in a more useful way. Instead of offering personalities to suggest how you can say certain phrases, this app gives you synonyms options of the words you have chosen.

So you do not run the risk of repeating yourself and still have the chance to write in a much more articulate way. The app turns out to be even more useful for those who need to talk to people in a more formal way, especially in matters involving work, for example. Download the Heminboard through this link.

3. KittyKey

With so many different applications to boost your keyboard, you could not miss something kind of bizarre, right ? In fact, the KittyKey is cuter than odd as it is personalized with kittens at all.

The overall look of the app is focused on cats and there are many little cards, emojis, and kaomojis with the same theme to complete. It is also very cheap and can be downloaded by cat lovers through this link.

4. Themeboard

Themeboard is a simpler option and still retains the standard look of the iPhone and iPad keyboard. What it does is offer several different themes to make your keyboard interesting and beautiful.

The cool thing is that there are designs of themes from people around the world, which also contributes to the different styles. Check out the application through this link.

5. Next Keyboard

The Next Keyboard is one of the most beautiful keyboard apps you could find for iOS, as well as being very stable and functional for everyday use. It has several different themes, from the most common to the most colorful for those who want something outstanding.

The app also has an interesting integration with emojis, since it can turn some words into these popular symbols nowadays.

6. Next Emoji Keyboard

Speaking of emojis, if you really love using them in your conversations, you can use a specific keyboard for this. In the case, the people who created the Next Keyboard also decided to develop a special version with the only emojis.

There are hundreds of different emojis and they can be used in several apps on the iPhone and iPad.

7. Wonder

Unlike most keyboard apps, Wonder goes beyond just offering a cute look and funny emoji. It can offer up to four different personalities for you to write in a different and fun way.9

This way, you can type a phrase and choose one of the personalities available to receive suggestions according to your choice.

8. PopKey

As there are keyboards dedicated exclusively to emojis, there are also those made only for GIFs, those animated images that are so successful on the internet. Although there are several options, one of the most popular is the PopKey.

The app allows you to search for several terms to find a perfect GIF for every occasion.

9. Kaomoji Keyboard

A little less known than the emojis, the kaomoji are very successful and are conquering the West little by little. In fact, they look a lot more like old-fashioned emoticons made up of keyboard symbols instead of cartoon faces we’re used to these days.

If you are a fan of kaomojis or want to get to know them a bit better, there is no better app than the Kaomoji Keyboard for that.

10. Emoji ++

If you want something more intense in relation to emojis, we have to recommend the Emoji ++ app, which brings a really functional interface to those who love using these icons. It also offers hundreds of different emojis and the possibility of the user to create collections of his favorite emojis.

Despite being paid, it is one of the cheapest keyboard apps out there, which is great considering the variety of options offered.

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