Audio Codec is not supported Android : how to Fix

“Audio Codec is not supported” problem appear on Android? Here are all the solutions to quickly solve the problem

The Audio Codec is not supported Android: how to solve

Unable to play Android video

Can not play a video on Android? A video on Android is played without sound? Here’s how to solve all problems easily and quickly!

In recent times I have noticed that many users have come across the error message “The Codec Audio is not supported” on Android smartphones and tablets. 

I myself came across this error message while trying to play a video that I downloaded from my dashcam on my Samsung Galaxy S9. 

Since the problem seems very widespread and I understand that there are several users who saw this error message when playing a video, I decided to publish an article about it to help all users to overcome this annoying error.

In a few simple steps, therefore, we will be able to get around the problem of missing codecs on Android and you will be able to see all the videos on which the audio from Android did not work before. 

Let’s begin!

“Can not play audio codec not supported in Android”

First of all I point out that on my Galaxy S9 the error appeared at the system level was this:

“Can not play audio codec not supported in Android” but the message can vary from smartphone to smartphone and also depending on the various versions of the Android operating system installed.

Regardless of the message that appears, the problem is always the same: either you can not play a certain video, or the video is played but without audio (as in my case).

A rather annoying problem, but it is easily resolved. Let’s see how.

Without wasting hours and hours looking for an ad hoc solution for every single smartphone or for every single version of Android, the general solution that works for everyone, quickly and for free, is represented by the fantastic VLC Player program for Android. 

By downloading this free program from the Play Store ( LINK ), you can play any video on your Android device, with any format for both the video part and the audio part.

  • You will not have to do anything other than:
  • go to the Android Play Store
  • look for the VLC program (free)
  • download and install it
  • open VLC on your smartphone
  • choose the video that did not work properly before
  • and here, as if by magic, the problem of audio and video codecs has been solved: the video turns that is a marvel, is not it?

Android audio codecs

Unlike the Windows operating system, on Android there is no way to download and install additional audio codecs since it is all inclusive at the operating system level.

So if there are no audio or video codecs on Android and it is impossible to play the video, the only solution is to download a program from the Play Store that includes certain codecs inside it, such as VLC for example.

If you do not like it or if you do not feel comfortable with VLC, I recommend an alternative program as valid, powerful and updated: MX Player.

With both these programs you can solve all the problems related to audio and video codecs on Android and above all you can play any video without any kind of problem in an instant.

You will not need to convert any video: just download VLC or MX Player to easily play any video on your Android device in one click. Nothing could be simpler, more comfortable and faster!


With this guide on audio and video codecs for Android we have concluded.

I hope I helped you to solve the problem of the missing audio or video codec on Android.

If you have any doubts, questions or problems, leave a comment at the end of the article and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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